UFC Vegas 63: Tresean Gore’s murderous guillotine-slays Josh Fremd, could go down as the submission of the year

Tresean Gore earned his first Octagon match victory earlier yesterday at UFC Vegas 63 in Las Vegas, Nevada when he dominated middleweight Josh Fremd in the second round with a murderous guillotine choke

UFC Vegas 63 witnessed one of the most unexpected submissions as striker Tresean Gore put his opponent Josh Fremd in a brutal chokehold. After losing out on the chance to win The Ultimate Fighter and having a rough start inside the Octagon, Gore demonstrated his grappling is real business. 

After a tough and victorious first round, it seemed as if Gore was burnt out going into the second round, but “Mr. Vicious” locked in a deep guillotine choke that Fremd could not escape until he went unconscious.

Fremd also made desperate efforts to grab the fence with his hands and toes but failed since the pressure wouldn’t let off, leading to him kind of cranking himself. After riding him, Gore let his head violently bounce against the canvas as soon as the man went to sleep.

The technique of winning surprised the MMA world.


The victory was spectacular, and it boosted Gore’s confidence by breaking his losing streak. However, the manner in which it arrived was remarkable, and it has the potential to be the submission of the year. Fans expressed their worry for Fremd and praised the Ultimate Fighter for his efforts.

Gore seemed to be fighting for his UFC career against Fremd after losing his first two octagon outings, first by unanimous decision to eventual TUF 29 champion Bryan Battle and then by knockout to Fremd’s Factory X teammate, Cody Brundage, at UFC Vegas 58 in July.

Gore, who is 28 years old, is now 1-2 in the UFC after a couple of good fights on TUF. The middleweight prospect hasn’t been in the ring much, so this is a big feather in his cap, especially since he’s a striker first.


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