UFC Vegas 83: Khalil Rountree calls out Alex Pereira after brutal KO victory over Anthony Smith

The MMA world was forever changed when Khalil Rountree defeated Anthony Smith via a spectacular knockout in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 83. Rountree’s victory was more than just a knockout; it was a declaration of his championship goals.

His ability to compete at the top level in the UFC and his unwavering determination were demonstrated in an incredible display of skill. As he savors his triumph, Rountree positions himself as a formidable opponent, aiming for the championship as the next significant step in his promising career.

Khalil Rountree eyes title shot next against Alex Pereira

At UFC Vegas 83, Khalil Rountree vs. Anthony Smith was a thrilling co-main event. The light heavyweight competitors squared off in a three-round fight. Ultimately, Rountree triumphed, and he left a lasting impression.

After his incredible victory over Anthony Smith at UFC Vegas 83, Khalil Rountree criticized Alex Pereira, the new light heavyweight champion, stating that fans desired the fight. He justified his call for a title shot by pointing out his ranking in the top 10.

While Rountree’s victory showcased his skills, securing a championship opportunity immediately could face obstacles. With Pereira recently crowned as the champion, there might be other contenders in line.

The UFC’s decision is likely to consider factors like fan interest and the dynamics of the division, evaluating whether Rountree’s impressive performance against Smith will indeed earn him a shot at the title.

Khalil Rountree beats Anthony Smith

Rountree delivered another impressive performance, displaying strength and agility throughout the fight. In the third round, he dropped Smith with a well-timed uppercut, followed by another punch that brought the veteran to the ground.

Smith started the fight by closing the distance and delivering a lead jab to Rountree’s face. In response, Rountree aimed to position himself for his trademark kicks before unleashing the powerful punches that have defined a significant portion of his career.

With only 56 seconds remaining in the third round, the referee stepped in and called the fight off. Sensing his impending loss, Anthony Smith rolled over and took a defensive stance to limit the harm.

The contest came to an abrupt and definitive end with the stoppage. Khalil is one of the best light heavyweight fighters as of now but can he beat Alex Pereira, that’s a debatable question but if both fighters are in the octagon it will be fun to watch the match.


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