“Underrated” Stephen Curry thanks LeBron James’ Lakers for alternative career success

The star point guard, Stephen Curry, had a recent chat with Willie Geist on a Sunday sit-down at the golf range. Curry talked about his recent victory on the golf course, his just published documentary, his incredible road to four NBA titles, and his hopes for the future.

The conversation delves into Curry’s many abilities and future goals, highlighting his success on the basketball court and the golf course and his underrated mindset

Steph Curry thanks Lakers for recent golf achievements

In a recent video, Stephen Curry humbly praised the Los Angeles Lakers for their “contributions” to his achievement after he won the American Century Championship, his maiden golf competition. Curry jokingly thanked the Los Angeles Lakers for getting him an early start on his golf training camp by upsetting his Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the playoffs last season.

“I wanna thank the Los Angeles Lakers for their contributions to me winning my golf tournament this summer cause I got a 4-week headstart on golf training camp,” he stated.

Curry’s ability to laugh at himself and find joy and inspiration in life, even after a crushing playoff loss, was on full display in his flippant comment. Aside from his success on the basketball court, Curry’s victory in golf is another evidence of his flexibility as an athlete.

Stephen Curry discusses “underrated” mindset

Steph Curry, star of the Golden State Warriors, recently talked about his life and profession. Curry has an “underrated” mentality on the court despite his impressive list of accomplishments.

He says this mindset is what helped him overcome his early difficulties and disadvantages in the sport of basketball. The documentary “Underrated,” produced by Peter Nicks and available on Apple TV+, chronicles Curry’s rise from skinny point guard to NBA superstardom.

The movie dives into both his private and professional struggles, teaching important lessons about the value of having faith in oneself, persevering through adversity, and surrounding oneself with positive influences. Curry, who has won many NBA titles, credits his “underrated mindset” for his continued success.

Curry has also shown his golfing prowess by taking home the American Century Championship trophy. He has used his enthusiasm for the game to open doors for others and advocate for more inclusion in the golfing community. The film chronicles the life of the pivotal character in an effort to move and motivate viewers on a wide range of levels.

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