“Vince is a f*cking killer” Dana White reveals shocking encounter story with Vince McMahon after meeting with Donald Trump

UFC president and head honcho Dana White has revealed his encounter with WWE owner Vince McMahon during a meeting with former US President Donald Trump!

Dana told in an interview that Donald Trump (who is a massive sports fan) had set up a panel of leading sports executives during his time. He apparently talked to them every week and they had a walkthrough of all their plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dana says that he did not speak at all during the meetings nor did he support or endorse any of the other plans that the other leaders mentioned.

This move by Dana earned him a berating by none other than the owner of the most successful wrestling and sports entertainment company in the world, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Vince, who is known to be a hot head and “a f*cking killer” according to Dana was not pleased with the lack of involvement and support by White.

Vince immediately texted: “Why didn’t you talk? Why didn’t you back up what I was saying?”. Dana justified his actions by saying that everyone else in that panel would not keep their word and follow through with the actions that they were saying they would.

But Dana White lauded McMahon and said that only Vince would back up his words to the US President because “Vince is a f*cking killer”.

Dana White has always been an eccentric character in the sports entertainment world. He has been criticized for playing favorites and not paying his fighters equally in ratio to PPV money.

This blast from Vince McMahon is the latest of call-outs to Dana and his odd way of dealing with things. Dana White is known as one of the most shrewd businessmen out there! But Vince McMahon remains as the top dog in the sports entertainment world!


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