“I make more money outside octagon” Paddy Pimblett reasons for not fighting 4 times a year in octagon

Rising UFC superstar Paddy Pimblett says that he does not need to fight four times a year because he makes more money outside of the octagon.

The rise of Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett has been meteoric. Ever since his UFC debut against Luigi Vendramini, he has graned a huge following all around the world. He has had two fights in the octagon and has finished both his opponents. His performances inside the octagon have been exemplary, and many people are touting him as a future champion. But just like with everything else, there are fans, and there are naysayers.

Many people have called Paddy Pimblett to be more active, and have suggested he fight four times a year. As a lot of people want to see him with a belt around his waist, it is important for him to get as much time as possible inside the octagon. But responding to the demand of 4-fights a year, Paddy said, ” I make more money outside the octagon. It makes me laugh when people are commenting on my stuff and saying, ” He’s not active enough, he doesn’t fight enough, he should be fighting four times a year.”

Paddy has asked the people to respond to him asking, ” Give me a reason why I should be fighting four times a year when I’m earning more outside the cage than I’m in it.”

Paddy, who last fought in March,  is yet to be ranked despite his super-fast rise to stardom. It remains to be seen who is fights next, and how well he steps up to the challenge. In order to be a champion, fighters have to fight consistently. This makes his fans right in their demands.

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