“Kid’s got Hustle” Joe Rogan lauds Jake Paul for making so much money as boxing promoter

UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan has lauded YouTuber Jake Paul for being a hustler after Paul recently took up the role of a boxing promoter.

One of the biggest matches in recent boxing history was the fight between undisputed world champion Katie Taylor, and seven division world champion Amanda Serrano. This fight was the first women’s boxing match to headline Madison Square Garden and has been described as the ‘biggest women’s fight of all time’. Promoting this fight were promoters Eddie Hearn, who was on the side of Taylor, and Jake  Paul, who was promoting Serrano.

The fight went to a split decision victory for Taylor. The hype around the match was immense, and one of the key facets behind the hype was the presence of YouTuber Paul. The Ohio native, who is always in the middle of some form of controversy, did a lot to promote the fight and make money. Paul has a lot of side hustles, and this new job of being a promoter only adds to that list.

Paul has also a professional boxer and was victorious over some UFC veterans. One person who is very popular in the world of UFC is Joe Rogan. Rogan has applauded Paul’s adventure into the world of promoting, and said that “He is a hustler who knows how to make more money despite already having so many things to make tons of money from.”

Paul’s boxing carrier is often ridiculed with many suggesting that he won’t be able to win against a proper boxer. Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, but Paul’s dedication to earning money is indeed commendable.

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