Jake Paul Responds to Fan’s Question of Whether the Problem Child Suffers from Imposter Syndrome

Jake Paul responded to a fan’s question asking him if he suffers from imposter syndrome by shutting him down, whilst promoter Eddie Hearn made a cheeky dig at his expense.

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn are opposition promoters in the highly anticipated match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Cerrano. While there has been significant hype in the lead-up to the fight on 30th April, a lot of focus has been put on the dynamic between Hearn and Paul.

Paul, who is often a very controversial personality, is one of the most successful YouTubers of his generation. After transitioning to a career in boxing, Paul has been rather successful here, too, and boasts a 5-0 record. Although he has faced a lot of criticism about his opponents, with most of them being MMA veterans and former NBA players. As per the people, Paul handpicks people past their prime in order to get easy wins. Still, he is now a full-house name in the world of boxing and has called out many high-profile personalities in both the world of boxing and MMA.

While he has been promoting the Taylor vs Cerrano fight, he has had to face a lot of questions centered around his career. One interesting aspect of this is how the British media and fans perceive Paul. They seem to be quite reluctant to take him seriously, and speaking on Friday to the media, Jake was asked if he suffers from “imposter syndrome” by a fan. Paul immediately shut down the reporter, while Eddie Hearn remarked that “He could be your next opponent, to be fair.” This was a dig at Paul’s history of fighting older men, and the fans seemed to love this subtle dig.


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It will be interesting to see what Paul says post-fight.


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