Stephen A Smith Believes He Can Knock Out Joe Rogan with His Right Fist

American sports television personality Stephen A Smith believes that he can knock out UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan with his right fist.

There has been a lot of beef over digital media between Stephen A Smith and Joe Rogan over the past few years. The acrimony was initiated when Smith made comments about Donald’ Cowboy” Cerrone after his loss to Connor McGregor at UFC 246. Smith suggested that Cerrone was scared, and this fear eventually caused him to lose the match. Cerrone was TKO’d in 40 seconds.

In response to Smith’s comments, Joe Rogan said that his comments were “disrespectful”, and his opinions came from “very little understanding of the sport”. Smith seemed to suggest that Cowboy Cerrone “quit out of fear”, whilst Rogan’s rebuttal was that Cerrone was simply unable to deal with the intensity produced by Connor McGregor.

Although there has been some form of mutual respect between them, they have had conversational conflicts many times. A lot of the time these debates were octagon side. One such potential beef could have risen when Smith claimed that he could knock out Joe Rogan. He said, “Let me be clear. If my right connects with the legend Joe Rogan, all due respect, he’s getting knocked out people.”


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Rogan’s response to the claim could not be found, but MMA fans were left bewildered by the claims. Rogan, who is an expert in various forms of martial arts, will not be that easy to take out, especially by someone with zero fighting experience. Although it remains to be seen if this feud escalates any further, it would be safer to put your money on Mr. Rogan if they ever do face-off.



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