Three-Time Wimbledon Champion Boris Becker Faces Jail Time over Bankruptcy Charges

Six-time Grand Slam Winner and Tennis legend Boris Becker have been arrested over bankruptcy charges. The German has been put behind bars for two-and-a-half years.

Boris Becker is a very renowned name in the world of Tennis. He enjoyed a very successful playing career with multiple Grand Slams, and a very good coaching career when he coached Novak Djokovic to multiple Grand Slam titles. But now after recent events, his reputation has all but been tarnished.

The former US-Open champion declared bankruptcy in 2017 at a court in London. He owed a bank an estimated £3.3 million at the time. Becker had missed the payback date by two years and had requested the bank not to sue him. Meanwhile, he wanted to sell his Mallorca house to pay off some of the debt. The bank’s registrar, however, allegedly declined, adding that “(one) has the impression of a guy with his head in the sand.”

Becker has been found guilty under four cases of the insolvency act by the Southwark Crown Court in London. The charges include removal of the property, two counts of failing to disclose estate, and concealing his debts.

He was also found to have transferred thousands of pounds from his business accounts to other accounts belonging to his ex-wife, and estranged wife. This transfer was made after he had declared bankruptcy in 2017. That is not all. The German was also found guilty of failing to declare a property in Germany, as well as hiding a bank loan worth €825,000. He also had shares in a tech firm that he did not disclose.

On the flipside, Becker did auction memorabilia from his playing days in order to raise the funds for his repayment.  He managed to raise close to £700,000. Becker will now serve at least half the tenure of his sentence.


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