Watch UFC President Dana White Reaction after Eating Pizza Ice-Cream First Time in His Life

Watch UFC President Dana White React to the First Time He Ate Pizza Ice Cream in His Life!

Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has had cheese pizza-flavored ice cream for the first time in his life! Many fans will be surprised by his response!

The outspoken UFC president was spotted sampling some ice cream that was supposedly flavored like “cheese pizza” on an Instagram program he calls “F*** It” Friday.

The peculiar ice cream comes from a long list of bizarre ice cream flavors from the ice cream company: Van Leeuwen. Van Leeuwen has notorious ice cream flavors such as Hot Honey, Mozzarella, or even Macaroni and Cheese!

White took the bite of Pizza Ice-Cream and gave a lukewarm reaction to the flavor. Stating “It’s not quite that good or that bad”, “But there are better flavors that go on a pizza!”.

Dana was also speculating if Matt Sera, the former UFC fighter and renowned pizza lover would in fact enjoy ice cream! 

While Dana White did not find the flavor disgusting, He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it either! The cheese pizza ice cream will definitely not be on the UFC president’s next dinner menu that is for sure!

Dana White has been a polarizing figure in the UFC for his policies regarding fighter pays and fair title shots. A lot of people have claimed that Dana White is grossly underpaying his fighters. And when it comes to Dana’s prizefighters such as Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz, he has been accused of playing favoritism in hopes of drawing large crowds to the PPVs.

Dana White has been very active on social media and has recently posted videos of random skits on his Instagram feed. The pizza-flavored ice cream video remains one of the most bizarre ones to date!


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