Watch: Brook Lopez, Trey Lyles get into massive altercation getting ejected from court in Bucks vs Kings NBA match

The NBA is experiencing a decline in the frequency of fights as the league and officials have instituted strict penalties for any unprovoked altercations. The complete elimination of this, however, seems to be difficult given that players are still, on occasion, seen getting into altercations while the game is in progress on the court.

Brook Lopez and Trey Lyles were involved in a heated altercation that resulted in both players being ejected from the court during the recent NBA match on Monday night at Golden 1 Center.

The Milwaukee Bucks Center Brook Lopez signed a contract with the team in 2019 that was worth $52 million over the course of four years. Sacramento King’s power forward Trey Lyles, on the other hand, signed a four-year contract with the team in 2022.

Brook Lopez

What happened between Brook Lopez and Trey Lyles?

The unexpected brawl that took place between Lopez and Lyles was the primary focus of the media coverage, despite the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks were victorious with a score of 133-124 over the Sacramento Kings.

Lyles appeared to be bothered by the fact that Giannis Antetokounmpo, the standout forward for the Bucks, was dribbling out the clock with only 15 seconds remaining as he shoved and fouled Antetokounmpo in an aggressive manner.

Though the two-time MVP didn’t get involved in an instant fight, the Bucks’ Brook Lopez didn’t like the incident and came to defend him by jumping in instantly.

The 7-footer exchanged some heated words with Lyles before getting into his face instantly and later, both of them started shoving each other, leading to a very unexpected situation at the Golden 1 Center.

Lopez began to bleed from his left eyebrow, but thankfully it wasn’t a major wound. The rest of the game was played without Lyles or Lopez because they were both kicked out of the match.

Trey Lyles had a score of 6 points and 6 rebounds, whereas Lopez had a score of 23 points and 8 rebounds. Greek-Nigerian player Antetokounmpo ensured the win for the Bucks with 46 points and 12 rebounds, snapping the three-game winning streak of the Sacramento Kings.

What did coach Mike Brown say about the incident?

Sacramento’s coach Mike Brown opened up about the incident that happened between Lyles and Lopez, stating though he didn’t know the actual reason for the altercation, he was glad that his players had each other’s back on the court.

Buck’s coach Mike Budenholzer didn’t seem to be pleased with the incident as he believed that a good game was ruined for an unnecessary issue.

On the other hand, the other members of the Bucks squad were ecstatic at their Center Brook Lopez’s response, and their Point Guard Jrue Holiday remarked that every single member of the team would have done the same thing because they think of themselves as a family over there.

Bobby Portis, a forward for the Bucks, agreed with Jrue’s assessment that Lopez did what he should have done and commended Lopez for guarding Antetokounmpo.

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