WATCH: Ex-UFC champ Conor McGregor at NBA finals Heat vs Nuggets, flattens Burnie with stunning KO

Conor McGregor, the renowned MMA legend, boasts an impressive tally of eight career knockouts within the UFC. Recently, he graced the Kaseya Center to witness Game 4 of the NBA Finals, where the Miami Heat squared off against the Denver Nuggets.

McGregor’s presence alone exuded his continued ability to deliver a powerful blow. During the game, Conor amusingly found a target for his striking prowess in the form of Burnie, the Heat’s beloved mascot.

What happened between Conor McGregor and Heat’s mascot?

Clad in gear that mirrored a fighter prepared to face one of the most ferocious mixed martial artists in the world, Burnie appeared ready for action. However, against McGregor’s skill and power, the mascot’s fate was sealed from the outset.

With a swift and accurate left hook, Burnie was instantaneously knocked out, falling to the ground motionless. Demonstrating his characteristic flair, Conor didn’t stop there; he delivered an additional punch as Burnie struggled to rise, ensuring the mascot remained down.

While the entire incident was a scripted spectacle intended to spice up the halftime show, Miami fans couldn’t contain their disapproval, showering the former UFC double champion with boos.

Nonetheless, the Denver Nuggets, having witnessed McGregor’s impressive display, understood that replicating such a knockout blow against the resilient and determined Miami Heat team would be a daunting task.

Instead, the Nuggets opted for a patient and systematic approach, methodically dismantling Miami’s defense. Gradually, they wore down the home team, ultimately securing victory for the second consecutive game through their strategic and relentless efforts.

How many sporting events have McGregor covered this year?

Conor has been showing up a lot in different sports events from BKFC, to Katie Taylor’s fight, and now to a basketball event. McGregor seems to be expanding his horizons and letting people know he is ready for a comeback on the biggest stage. 

There are ongoing plans for Conor’s highly anticipated comeback to the UFC, with his scheduled opponent being Michael Chandler. However, the lack of a confirmed bout has raised concerns about the actual occurrence of the fight.

Conor McGregor speaking at BKFC

In July 2021, McGregor suffered a significant setback when he broke his leg during his bout against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Since then, he has not yet completed the necessary procedures to re-enter the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing pool.

The Irish fighter has received an order to undergo a mandatory six-month period in the testing pool before being granted clearance to compete again.

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