Horse racer Nikola Jokic discovers his NBA draft pick in sleep, unravelling Jokic’s bizarre NBA draft night

Nikola Jokic and his path to becoming an NBA superstar is littered with intriguing stories, but maybe none more unusual than discovering his draft pick in a dream. The Denver Nuggets‘ popular center, famed for his distinct flair and on-court skill, had a disastrous encounter while sleeping that would permanently impact his life.

We dive into the intriguing story of Jokic’s NBA draft night in this piece, shedding light on the surprising and odd circumstances that led to his eventual selection and ascent to prominence.

Nikola Jokic’s passion for horses

Nikola’s love of horses is beyond ordinary intrigue, it is a defining feature of his life. The Denver Nuggets’ standout center displays a strong bond with these magnificent creatures. The fragrance of horses, according to Jokic, is a source of enormous joy, and the sound of them feeding in the stable is the most calming sound one can encounter. Joker proudly calls himself a horseman, emphasizing the special affinity he has with these creatures.

Joker’s passion for horses reveals a side of him that is less well-known. While many people expect a basketball player to partake in the sparkle and glamour of famous life, Jokic prefers the quieter pleasures found down at the stables. Joker even stated that being a celebrity is not as pleasurable as it appears.

Over the 28 years old’s reputation in the NBA as an unusual and lighthearted figure. Joker’s amusing remarks and contagious charm have earned him a fan and media favorite. Jokic finds refuge and contentment in his true affection for horses, despite his rising celebrity. It serves as a reminder that even amid a stressful job, discovering joy in unexpected places can provide balance and contentment.

Nikola Jokic hangs up his brother’s call following his draft selection

Nikola Jokic had no idea his life was about to alter on that fateful draft night in 2014. Joker was fast sleeping in Serbia during the NBA draft, completely unaware of what was going on. It was an unsettled period for Jokic, who had not fully committed to playing in the NBA.

When 211 cm tall center’s brother learned that he had been drafted by the Denver Nuggets, he couldn’t contain his joy. He called Jokic to tell him the exciting news, but Jokic’s sleepy state and lack of consciousness resulted in an unexpected reaction. In a hazy haze, Jokic informed his brother he was asleep and then hung up.

In retrospect, Jokic’s casual remark wonderfully reflects his down-to-earth demeanor. Joker had no idea that this seemingly insignificant draft pick would launch his NBA career and mold him into the superstar he is today.

The 28 years old’s nonchalant indifference for the moment emphasizes his modesty and humility. It serves as a reminder that, despite his enormous success and accomplishments, he stays grounded and unaffected by the media’s attention. The encounter is a delightful narrative that highlights Jokic’s humble demeanor as well as the unusual route that took him from an overlooked draught choice to an NBA superstar.


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