Watch: Kevin Durant and LeBron James share heartwarming moment before Suns-Lakers game

Kevin Durant and LeBron James, two of the NBA’s biggest stars, made fans shed happy tears after sharing a touching moment before the highly anticipated game between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are struggling to grab the crucial sixth seed in the West conference to acquire an outright playoff berth skipping the play-In Tournament. They need to ensure a win against the Sun and the Jazz and the Warriors must embrace defeat in at least one match or the Clippers must lose two matches to notch one of those seeds. On the contrary, the Suns are quite sure of their current playoff seeding.

LeBron James

LeBron James and Kevin Durant made fans wild with a simple gesture

LeBron was passing the court when Durant was warming up. The NBA All-time leading scorer stopped midway to exchange a warm conversation with KD and shortly left after some chitchat.

The moment was captured on camera and quickly circulated on social media, drawing praise from fans of both players and basketball enthusiasts alike.

The reality of individual rivalries in today’s NBA is that most of the time the players don’t possess personal rivalry, only the tension and competition on the court lead to some heated arguments sometimes. Earlier the Suns forward gushed about Lebron on Tuesday.

“It’s been amazing just being in the league the same time as him, somebody who is the ultimate competitor. Somebody that you (are) inspired by just from him, just seeing what he does on the day-to-day, but also got the opportunity to be on … Team USA so you see different sides of him. So there’s always been a mutual respect amongst us two and it’s always been great battles when we play against each other”, Durant said.

LeBron James
Duran on James.

In a sports world often filled with rivalries and competition, the heartwarming moment between Kevin Durant and LeBron James served as a reminder of the mutual respect and admiration that can exist between athletes, transcending team loyalties and personal achievements.

Their interaction before the game showed that beyond the competition, there is a deep appreciation and admiration for each other’s talents and dedication to the game of basketball.


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