Watch Lebron James Enjoying His Vacation at Maldives Post Lakers Missing the NBA Playoffs

Seems like Lakers ‘King James’ Lebron James is living his best life right now on the shore of Maldives with his wife. The player was seen drinking and dancing facing the blue sea. He is recovering from an ankle injury while playing the Pelicans in March. He and some other players being on the bench, his team Lakers did not qualify for the next playoffs this season.

Besides enjoying his vacation, he is active on social media tweeting his perspectives on the running playoffs and updating his fans with his fun leisure. But the legend is tense about his and his team’s latest performance. He even ensured his fans that he will not disappoint them again. 

There are some major changes that need to take place in the team. He is already the MOV of his time and hopefully beyond.  The first thing to do is to find a coach since their former coach Frank Vogel is dismissed from his duty. Many names have been submitted for the position of a successor, although many contenders appear to have lost interest in the position following the termination of Vogel.
Some people watching him enjoying his free time leave a bad taste in the comment section. As his team did not qualify for the next playoffs and he is still on the bench, some of them are mocking and trolling him. Although he had a bad season this year, he has nothing to prove about his ability. To his fans, he is already a legend.

The 37-year-old played 56 games in his whole career with a great score and so many amazing titles under his name. 




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