Jake Paul trolled by Fans as he Flaunts Fake Mohammed Salah Jersey

YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul was trolled by fans on Twitter as he posted a picture of himself wearing a Mohammed Salah jersey.

Fans are always trolling Jake Paul. Whether they hate him or love him, people are always talking about him. The 25-year-old Ohio native has capitalized on this polarization of fans and made tons of money out of it. Jake is one of the richest YouTubers in the business and has recently started making millions out of his boxing matches. Although Jake usually fight veteran, retired UFC fighters, his fights generate a lot of attention all around the world.

One thing with YouTubers or other social media personalities is that they are never away from hyped events. One such hyped event was the Merseyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton. Always a very high-intensity affair, this match had seismic implications on both ends of the table. Liverpool is chasing the Premier League trophy. Meanwhile, Everton is battling to avoid getting relegated.

The two-nil win for Liverpool meant that they are still in the title hunt and are just one point behind leaders Manchester City. Everton, though, has dropped into the bottom three and could be relegated very soon.

Paul posted on Twitter donning a Liverpool jersey with Mo salah’s name on the back to show support for Liverpool and their talisman. But immediately after posting, fans called out Jake for not wearing an original jersey.

Nike sponsors Liverpool’s kits, and thus  Nike has its logo printed on the top-right side of the kit. Fans immediately detected that Paul’s jersey did not have the Nike logo, and called him out for wearing a replica. It is ironic to fans that someone who claims to be a “true” supporter won’t even wear a real shirt.


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