“This S**T Hurt” Lebron James Devastated over Not Being Able to Play in the Playoffs

LA Lakers superstar LeBron James has vowed on Twitter to never miss the playoffs again after he as he watched the Atlanta Hawks outscore the Miami Heat in the third game of their playoff series.

LeBron James has been a member of the Los Angeles Lakers roster for over four years now. This is the second time that he has missed the playoffs during his tenure with the Lakers. In fact, neither of the Los Angeles-based teams are participating this season. Although the Clippers were able to set themselves up for the play-in tournament, they were hampered by covid and injuries. The Lakers, though, missed out on qualification altogether.

This is a huge hit on the legacy of “King James” who is considered by many as the greatest player to ever set foot on an NBA court. The four-time MVP failed to qualify for the playoffs in his first season as well, although an overhaul of the squad in the second season led to the Lakers eventually being crowned champions.

Things haven’t gone as smoothly since that victory, and this season has seen one of the sport’s most beloved teams hit a new low point. Every player aspires to be a part of the NBA playoffs, which have a new degree of anticipation. Even though he is a multiple-time NBA champion, LeBron still wants to compete in the playoffs every year.

The superstar has taken to Twitter to express his disappointment, saying “this s**t hurt” and pledging to never miss another play-off till his career is through.

Lakers fans are undoubtedly optimistic about and looking forward to the next season.


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