Watch: LeBron James’ family embrace him after breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record in losing effort vs Thunder

LeBron James is now the leading points scorer in the NBA, taking over Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points. Almost everyone in the NBA world saw it coming, including Kareem, who arrived at the match to be a part of history, and he was right. King James fulfilled his legacy and scored 38 points in the game, putting him in first place with 38,390 points to his name.

However, it was not just Abdul Jabbar who could not hold his excitement coming to the game. James’s family members, including his mother, wife, and son, all came to witness their basketball. King grasped what was rightfully his- the throne of the NBA- becoming the leader of All-time point scorers.

As soon as LeBron broke the record, the crowd completely forgot about the game, and the spotlight was on the L-train. Everyone in the arena gave the King a standing ovation, and James, the protagonist-like man he is, shared his glory with the Legend who held the record for nearly forty years, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 

Furthermore, one can notice as the announcer was declaring the special presentation, LeBron was busy calling his family onto the arena as they were one of the reasons he could accomplish this feat. 

On the other hand, as King James appreciated his support over the years from fans and friends, he did not forget to give credit to his family members. He shouted out to his mother, wife, and his two sons.

After the presentation, LeBron James was spotted with his family, giving them tight hugs and showing his appreciation towards them. Moreover, the Los Angeles Lakers captured the beautiful moment on camera and later shared it on Twitter.

What did the Los Angles Lakes tweet about LeBron James?

The Lakers team tweeted a yellow heart as the team color is yellow. Evidently, the beautiful video featured James and his family sharing a lovely moment on the court. 

How far do you think he will go with LeBron now taking over Kareem’s record?  You can share your opinion in the comments.


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