Watch: Markquis Nowell’s perfect pass for reverse alley-oop after fake coach argument distracts Michigan

On Thursday night, Kansas State and Michigan State faced off in the Sweet 16 of the 2023 men’s NCAA tournament. The two teams put on an incredible display of basketball, with the game going into overtime and ending in a dramatic fashion. The Wildcats came out on top with a 98-93 victory over the Spartans, putting them on the verge of their first Final Four appearance since 1964.

Markquis Nowell, the Wildcats’ point guard, was the standout player of the game, delivering a performance that will be remembered for years to come. Nowell broke a tournament record with an impressive 19 assists, in addition to scoring 20 points and grabbing five steals.

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The Perfect Pass of Markquis Nowell

The game’s most memorable moment came in overtime, with the score tied and less than a minute on the clock. Nowell appeared to be engaged in a heated argument with K-State coach Jerome Tang, but suddenly, he stopped and threw an incredible alley-oop pass to his teammate Keyontae Johnson for a dunk.

Kansas State's Markquis Nowell puts on Sweet 16 show at the Garden

The close-up footage of the play is even more impressive, showing the intense discussion between Nowell and Tang before the point guard’s eyes suddenly snap to the basket, delivering a perfectly timed lob to Johnson. The question on everyone’s mind was whether the argument was a deliberate attempt to fake out Michigan State and set up the game-winning play.

Nowell quickly shift

The close-up replay of the play shows Nowell and the coach exchanging heated words before Nowell quickly shifted his focus to the basket, delivering an excellent pass. Some speculate that the argument was a fake designed to distract Michigan State and lure them into a false sense of security, making them believe that K-State was simply running down the clock. However, it was a trick play that ultimately paid off for the Wildcats.

Nowell’s performance- What does It mean for Kansas State?

Nowell’s performance, particularly his record-breaking 19 assists, put him in the conversation for the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. The Wildcats have been on a roll this year, with Nowell leading the way, and are now just one game away from their first Final Four appearance in almost 60 years. They will face off against the winner of the Loyola Chicago and USC game.

The game between Kansas State and Michigan State was one for the ages, with Markquis Nowell’s historic performance and game-winning pass stealing the show. The Wildcats’ victory puts them one step closer to their first Final Four appearance in nearly 60 years, and Nowell will be hoping to lead his team to victory in their upcoming Elite Eight matchup against Florida State. Basketball fans around the world will be eagerly anticipating what comes next in this thrilling tournament.

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