What Instigated Roger Federer’s wife Mirka to call her husband in middle of match

Roger Federer is arguably the most successful tennis player in the history of court-tennis as he is among the ‘Big Three’, an elite group, of this physical game. With dedication and perseverance, Federer reached the pinnacle of success with winning record number of Grand Slams and ATPs.

The Swiss Maestro came across various situations in his personal and professional life but after getting married with Ms Mirka in 11 April, 2009; his life took a new turn which started to make him more family-centric.

What’s the current state of Federer’s marriage life?

Since retiring from the court due to severe injuries, Mirka started a new life as a manger of Roger after tying the knot with him, however, she was forced to stop the managerial role because of giving birth to their children. 

The Mighty Federer also supported his wife by saying, “My wife Mirka has suffered a lot due to her physical problems. Her career ended very early and I myself advised her to end that pain.” 

King Roger and Mirka Federer are one of the happiest couple in the tennis universe as they are proud parents of not one but two pairs of twins and as a father, Federer tries his best to raise his children alongside his wife despite maintaining a busy professional career.

Which situation startled Roger once playing a major game?

From home to the tennis-court, Roger Federer wife Mirka is a game changer for this tennis prodigy as she loves to manage all of their children and other staffs single-handedly. 

Federer always cherishes the contribution of his wife and admits that without her, he would have never continued the professional career in this age. King Roger also said, “Looking back on it today, I get a weird feeling. I am still playing tournaments at 40 and I find it difficult to stop.”

Roger Federer once got startled to find out that his wife was calling him during an ongoing tennis match but he revealed that incident as a funny story in front of the press by saying, “She once phoned me while I was in the middle of a game, she had completely forgotten that I was playing.”

King Roger also added, “This is exactly what I like about her. When we are in a tournament, she is 100% involved, while at home she is free from all thoughts.”    


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