What is inside $12000000 private jet of Max Verstappen? Exploring the lavish aircraft of F1 maverick

Max Verstappen is the latest athlete to join the club of flying in style. He recently purchased a private jet for himself from Virgin boss and British business magnate Richard Branson. The estimated value that Max Verstappen paid for the aircraft is said to be 12 million dollars.

Max is believed to have a staggering net worth of 70 million dollars which makes him the 22nd highest-paid athlete in the world. He is paid annually 55 million dollars with an annual bonus for winning the championship, which he definitely will this season. 

Taking a trip inside Falcon-900EX owned by Max Verstappen

Following his team’s motto of giving wings, Max Verstappen has got himself a new toy to play around with, and its name is Falcon-900EX. This beautiful machinery was made in 2008, and it was definitely provided with a significant upgrade before being sold to the world champion. 

Currently powered by three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines, it’s capable of a maximum range of 8,750 kilometres before stopping for refueling. Like his formula one car, this jet can reach a top speed of 892 km/h and a cruising speed of 850 km/h.

The interiors are just as impressive as the exteriors, and it’s just as luxurious. It is capable of seating up to 12 passengers, wherein two of the plush seats can be reclined to make a full-size bed. This makes long-distance journeys like travelling from circuit to circuit extremely comfortable. 

There are tables big enough for multiple people to enjoy a meal and drink. If the celebration champagne after races are insufficient, then Max can use the in-house bar to celebrate. However, The aircraft is said to cost about £1million-per-year in maintenance.

Who owned the jet previously?

Virgin boss and British business magnate Richard Branson was the previous owner of this magnificent beast. A little brief about this business conglomerate is that he was born on July 18, 1950, in Shamley Green, Surrey, England. Some adjectives to describe him would be British entrepreneur, adventurer and the head of Virgin Group Ltd.

He has also been knighted and is known as Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. He is well known for his PR stunts and for establishing records in powerboat racing and hot-air ballooning. Hence there is no wonder why an athlete like Max Verstappen would purchase his aircraft from him. 

Everything about Max Verstappen's $12,000,000 private jet that he purchased from Sir Richard Branson

Fernando and Max are currently the only drivers on the grid who can claim that they own a private jet. Lewis Hamilton sold his private jet a few years ago to improve his carbon footprint. 

Look inside Max Verstappen's $14.5 Million private jet brought from $3.6 Billion worth business magnate Sir Richard Branson

The question arises of whether drivers of F1 be allowed to have luxurious toys like private jets. Let us know in the comments below. 

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