What led LeBron James to discontinue his support for the Cowboys? Exploring King James NFL allegiance

Many would be surprised to know that LeBron James once had a bright football career growing up which made experts in the game predict he would make it to the NFL. But that didn’t happen as predicted due to injury. He eventually moved on to show his raw talent in the NBA since being drafted in 2003.

However, LeBron’s love for the NFL remains intact. Despite the love he has for NFL teams, King James made it known that he will not continue to support the Cowboys again. But the reason that prompted him to change his stance carries a much deeper weight beyond the world of sport itself.

Reason behind LeBron James’ shift in NFL team loyalty

LeBron James’s achievement in the NBA has never stopped or hindered his loyalty to the NFL teams. His passion for football remains strong, and he has been spotted multiple times at intense games, enthusiastically rooting for his favorite NFL team.

While he has expressed that he is a massive fanboy of the Cleveland Browns on numerous occasions, LeBron is also well-known for his support for the Dallas Cowboys.

Recently, he made it crystal clear that he no longer cheers for the Cowboys. When asked if he still backs the franchise, he explained that he does not. He related an incident when many football players were peacefully protesting by taking a knee, the Cowboys’ management made it clear that such actions would result in players not being able to represent the franchise, a stance he believed went against the principles of freedom of speech.

LeBron added that although he no longer supports the team, he maintains excellent relationships with many talented athletes who play for the Cowboys. The NBA Legend then emphasized his current unwavering support for another NFL team.

LeBron James switches allegiance to the Browns

After LeBron James’ declaration that he had withdrawn his support from the Dallas Cowboys due to the team’s decision not to allow players to protest that was prevalent at the time, he ended up pledging his support to his hometown team Cleveland Browns.

While in a interview session with longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter, the four-time NBA Finals MVP changed his mind and declared himself a Browns fan.

LeBron James really enjoys different American sports, with the NFL being one of his favorites. Besides the Cleveland Browns, he’s also a fan of the Ohio Buckeyes, a college football team.

Unlike the Browns, who play in the NFL, the Buckeyes compete at the college level. This shows despite having one of the most successful careers in the NBA, his love and support for football isn’t changing soon.

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