LeBron James’ ref mode ends in appraisal for “Tom Brady mode”

LeBron James went ahead and became LeRef for some time after he posted his take on the clash between Henry Blackburn and Travis Hunter in an intense college football matchup. He questioned the decision of the referees for giving out only a 15-yard penalty even after the challenge was far more deserving of an ejection.

However King James’ referee mode seems to have ended after a spectacular game tying drive by Shedeur Sanders to force overtime which resulted in securing a win for the Colorado Buffaloes. And the NBA great has some really high praise for the youngster.

LeBron raves over Shedeur Sanders

LeBron James applauded Shedeur Sanders appreciating the great play, he went on to post about it on his Instagram story raving about the win the Colorado Buffaloes secured after a tough match against Colorado States.

LeBron appraised the play on his Instagram story sharing a post on Shedeur Sanders captioned ” All I was thinking was Brady Mode”.

LeBron James
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LeBron James has been a fan of Deion Sanders for quite some time and has been raving about him a lot lately, especially since his appointment as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. The Lakers forward has been openly supporting the Buffs and has been keeping track of their matches.

Shedeur Sanders is the son of Deion Sanders. Both Shedeur and LeBron share mutual respect for each other given the relationship between King James and his father. Shedeur has often stated that LeBron is his role model as he admires his work ethic and dedication to his family. Although LeBron is a basketball superstar now, he has played a good amount of football in his early days.

LeBron’s footballing history

LeBron James is known around the world as arguably the greatest basketball player ever to have graced the game. But unbeknownst to many, Lebron also played football for a good amount of time during his high school years. He played as a wide receiver for St. Vincent- St. Mary High school where his spectacular performance in the position led to him being named to two All-State selections.

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LeBron James had a good record as a sophomore with 42 passes caught for 752 yards and 11 touchdowns. However he did not play during his senior year because of a wrist injury he suffered during an AAU basketball game. LeBron himself and many analyst believe that he could have been a star in the NFL as well, as he had the size, the speed, the athleticism and a powerful throw.

However he chose to move ahead with basketball as he loved the sport more. And it turned to be the greatest decision he made given everything he has accomplished in the NBA and his ever growing list of accolades to his name.

What do you think of football fan LeBron James? Do you think King James could have been more successful in the NFL than he is now in the NBA? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share with us.

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