What potential punishment does Von Miller face if found guilty of alleged assault?

Selected as the No. 2 pick by the Denver Broncos in 2011, Von Miller boasts a stellar record as a three-time All-Pro and eight-time Pro Bowler. Celebrating Super Bowl victories in the 2015 season with the Broncos and the 2021 season with the Rams post-trade to Los Angeles, Miller’s career reached impressive heights.

Yet, amid this stellar career, the spotlight now shifts to a challenging chapter as Miller faces serious sexual assault charges, adding a twist to his dynamic narrative. The looming question is whether this charge will mark the conclusion of the linebacker’s illustrious career, creating an air of anticipation surrounding his future in the league.

What potential punishment does Von Miller face?

An arrest warrant has been issued for LB Von Miller, who faced a serious injury last year after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of assault. Reportedly, the LB has turned himself into the Glenn Heights, Texas, Police Department.

Miller faces a third-degree felony charge of assault of a pregnant person, carrying a potential sentence of two to 10 years and a fine of up to $10,000. He was booked into the DeSoto Tri-City Jail and released after posting bond.

The girlfriend of the LB revealed that the couple had a heated argument while discussing her travel plans. It led to the LB getting visibly angry and acting violently.

Von Miller is accused of shoving his girlfriend, putting his hand on her neck, applying pressure, grabbing her phone, throwing her laptop on the ground, and pulling out a chunk of her hair.

A 911 call reveals the girlfriend reporting being choked and hit, with visible bruises and hair pulled out. The police reported that when they reached the house, Miller wasn’t there and the woman had bruises on her hand and neck.

The LB and the woman had been together for seven years. Despite initially calling 911, the woman later denied all the allegations and stated that no assault had occurred.

Potential replacements for Von Miller at Bills

The Buffalo Bills issued a statement acknowledging the incident involving Von Miller, expressing awareness and stating they are in the process of gathering more information.

“This morning, we were made aware of an incident involving Von Miller,” the Bills said in a statement after the news went public. “We are in the process of gathering more information and will have no further comment at this point.”

The team is currently on a bye week, which means they don’t have any games ahead and have ample time to assess the situation. As the team has stated, they are digging into the matter and will take action after a proper investigation.

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Considering his serious charges, the LB can face major consequences, even resulting in his suspension. The question arises whether a temporary suspension for the NFL star is imminent. Precedents in the NFL show that many players faced suspension when suspected or found guilty of assault.

In 2022, the Cleveland Browns suspended Deshaun Watson for multiple games and fined him $5 million over allegations of sexual harassment and assault during his tenure with the Houston Texans. A year before Watson’s suspension, running back Derrius Guice faced a six-game suspension following a domestic violence charge.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown received an eight-game suspension in 2020 for multiple violations of his personal conduct policy. Similarly, in 2019, Cleveland running back Kareem Hunt was suspended for eight games after his alleged involvement in an assault was captured on video.

Considering these instances, the Bills might suspend the LB if found guilty. In the event of Von Miller facing a suspension, the Buffalo Bills could potentially turn to promising young linebackers Terrel Bernard and Tyrel Dodson to step up and take control of the LB position. Known for their athleticism and playmaking abilities, Bernard and Dodson could offer a dynamic and youthful presence in the linebacker corps.

The Bills, given the uncertainty surrounding Von Miller’s situation, will need to consider potential replacements, especially if a suspension is imminent or if Miller’s career is at stake.

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