What relationship between Jordan Poole and Ice Spice? Exploring alleged $500K date

Jordan Poole is a professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors as a small forward. The team selected him as the round one 28th overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. He used to play college basketball for the Michigan Wolverines.

The player’s recent engagement with a rapper is storming up the internet and his fans are dying to know more about his secret affair. So, it is time to let the cat out of the bag concerning Jordan Poole and Ice Spice’s relationship.

What is the relationship between Jordan Poole and Ice Spice?

American rapper Cam’ron is a great basketball enthusiast. In a recent episode of his show, ‘It Is What It Is’, he couldn’t control but share his comments on Jordan Poole’s recent matches where he showed a poor performance.

Cam’ron criticized the player calling him a ‘Munch’ and mention that Poole’s recent romance might be eating up his energy to move forward on the court. The rapper opened up about the Warriors player’s relationship with rapper Ice Spice.

He even added more spice to the juicy gossip with enchanting details that Poole had spent nearly $500k on their first date and took the lady shopping for the entire day.

In Cam’ron’s own words, he says, “When you start dating the Ice Spices and the people, they say, ‘Boo watching, boo watching, let me get all crazy. She don’t give a f***, she from the Bronx, bro. Fordham Road, have you been to Fordham Road? Jordan Poole, next time you go to New York, go around Fordham Road, Concourse, Highbridge, South Bronx. You gone see what you spent $500,000 on and be like, ‘Yo, I was wilding.”

However, neither Poole nor Ice opened up about their alleged romance or made any official comments on the issue. All of the allegations seem to be based on speculations until the couple makes any public statement regarding their hush-hush romance.

Jordan Poole is a young, energetic soul of 23 years who is probably working on his inner sparks to flourish on the NBA court as a dexterous player. As he seems to have his entire life ahead of him, it remains to be seen how he makes the best use of his capabilities as a ‘Warriors’.

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