What’s inside Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s $6,100,000 mansion? Taking a sneak peek inside Thunder guard’s jeopardized property

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is an extremely talented young NBA star. Although he remained an underdog and went unnoticed for a couple of seasons, he has now become a superstar for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is also a hard-working guy who easily penetrates the defense and scores.

Shai is considered to be an unselfish player who involves his teammates in the game and is one of the NBA’s most unique superstars. He had purchased a dream home for himself and his partner, but the purchase turned out to be a nightmare.

What’s inside Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s $6.1m mansion?

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the standout player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, paid just over 8.4 million Canadian dollars, or $6.1 million, for a dream home that included six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 10,000 square feet on Lake Ontario.

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The house near Toronto turned into a nightmare in May, two days after Mr. Gilgeous-Alexander, 25, and his partner moved in, according to a lawsuit that aims to void the sale. A scary visitor showed up, presumably searching for a former resident. The following day, the couple departed and hasn’t been back.

Why is Thunder guard’s selling the property?

Shai’s new home, which the real estate listing called a “elegant, resort-like estate,” had previously been occupied by Aiden Pleterski, the self-styled “crypto king,” who filed for bankruptcy in 2022 while owing more than 150 investment clients 26.8 million Canadian dollars.

According to court documents, Mr. Pleterski’s residence was frequently visited by irate guests who wished to speak with him both during his stay and after his move out. Mr. Pleterski was abducted in December of last year by four other men and one of his irate investors. Over the course of three days, he was beaten and tortured.

According to testimony in the bankruptcy case, Mr. Pleterski eventually had to leave the house for his own safety and employed a security guard to keep angry investors at bay. After irate guests kept showing up every day, another resident also left, fearing for his safety.

Due to the seller’s failure to disclose the home’s possible security risk and its connection to Mr. Pleterski, a holding company owned by Mr. Gilgeous-Alexander is now requesting a court to revoke the purchase of the Burlington, Ontario, house.

The former owner of the property, who also happened to be the head of a Toronto real estate company with holdings that included hotels, retirement homes, and apartments, withheld information about the property’s alarming visitors from prospective buyers.

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