While Lewis Hamilton gets slapped with penalty, Max Verstappen secures fifth consecutive victory with dominant win at F1 Austrian Grand Prix 2023

Max Verstappen had a terrific Austrian Grand Prix while the race wreaked havoc on pretty much everyone else as the FIA handed out time penalties like candy during trick or treat. Max Verstappen finished first, but drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, etc., suffered greatly due to the time penalties.

With this win, Max Verstappen is on a streak of five consecutive race wins in the 2023 season. With three races lined up this month, Max is expected to break records set by legends like Michael Schumacher for most consecutive wins in a season. 

Max Verstappen wins the Austrian Grand Prix.

Verstappen is on a seemingly ‘unstoppable’ run as he secured the 42nd win of his career at the Austrian Grand Prix. His teammate Sergio Perez also had an impressive run, finishing in third place, starting from 15th place on the grid. 

Max Verstappen led the entire race except for a few laps, during which Charles Leclerc had the opportunity to showcase his skills. There were no noticeable struggles between any driver and Max Verstappen as the Dutch made every overtake seem like a cakewalk. He currently leads the driver’s leaderboard by 81 points ahead of his teammate Sergio Perez.

Lewis Hamilton receives an Austrian Grand Prix penalty.

The seven-time world champion did not have a good Austrian GP, as he was given a 10-second time penalty for impeding track limits. Also, the Brit did not like the car he was driving and kept complaining about how slow it was on the Team Radio.

So much so that Toto Wolff interrupted and said, “Lewis, the car is bad. We know,” Wolff stated in an audibly exasperated tone of voice. “Please drive it.”

Due to this penalty, Lewis finished 8th place behind his teammate George Russell. With rumors stating Mercedes is bringing new upgrades to Silverstone, Hopefully, the Briton pulls up his socks in the upcoming races and delivers a terrific performance. 


While other racers utilized the excuse of time penalties, Max Verstappen pulled away from the pack with impeccable driving as he did not get any time penalties. Key to note that he was the fastest man on the circuit as well.

Max’s performance really brings the competence of many of his peers into question.

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