Who did Conor McGregor KO in 13 seconds? exploring quickest UFC knockouts

Conor McGregor is a Dublin-born professional mixed martial artist who is one of the most adored fighters of the current decade who led the name of Ireland to an unprecedented height.

This UFC Champion has won many prestigious titles till now including featherweight, lightweight double-championships, and more to name a few. His iron-like fists and copper-coated confidence helped him to break numerous fighting records.

Let’s have a look at the epic bout where Conor McGregor did KO in 13 seconds.

Who did Conor McGregor KO in 13 seconds?

UFC 194: Conor McGregor knocks out Jose Aldo after 13 seconds - BBC Sport

It was during UFC 194 when Conor McGregor knocked out Josh Aldo, a former Brazilian professional mixed martial artist in 13 seconds. In 2015, Conor was a rising UFC star who was still dreaming about creating an indelible mark within the league and such a glorious finish that he made defeating a long-time Champion pushed him closer to that.

All the credit goes to the Irish MMA star’s left hand which has done many wonders till now. The Brazilian star came forward with heavy strikes but Conor moved backward to escape. Then within the blink of an eye, he pinned Aldo with his fiery left hook that pushed the opponent to a vulnerable state making him fall on the floor flat on his face.

The notorious took the advantage of the moment, leaped over Aldo, and offered him two more killer strikes. As the Scarface lose consciousness, the referee pushed the winner away from him, and thus the fastest knockout in a title bout in UFC history was created.

Jorge Masvidal fastest KO vs Ben Askren

Besides McGregor’s title bout, Jorge Masvidal holds the record for the fastest KO in UFC history. In UFC 249, Jorge established his unprecedented mastery by knocking down Ben Askren within 5 seconds of the bout. A flying knee of the Champion did its wonder by pushing Ben downward and then offering him some hard punches he made history.

Which one of these two bouts is your favorite? Do you enjoy watching quick KOs or do you prefer long bouts? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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