Who is Gloria Cejudo getting tribute from Tracey Cortez at Noche UFC?

Tracey Cortez, a women’s fly weight contender, extended her winning streak to 10 after defeating Jasmine Jasudavicius via unanimous decision at the Noche UFC. Cortez made her first appearance last night since defeating Melissa Gato at UFC 274.

During an emotional post-fight press conference, Cortez dedicated her win to Gloria Cejudo, her big sister, who was the sister of former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, and who succumbed to cancer and passed away a day before Noche UFC.

Tracey Cortez dedicates Noche UFC win to Henry Cejudo’s sister Gloria

Cortez emerged as the victor; however, she was very emotional heading into the fight. The reason for Cortez being emotional was the passing of Henry Cejudo’s sister, Gloria Cejudo, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer.

Tracey Cortez in the post fight press conference said that Gloria was a big sister to her. She further added that cancer is a nasty disease and she wanted to honor her and perform best in the fight. “I want to dedicate this fight to her” Cortez said.

Cortez’s relation with Cejudo family

In the post-fight press conference, Tracy revealed that she received a call from her family yesterday regarding the passing of Gloria. The call was from the Cejudo family, and Tracy further mentioned that the Cejudo family is just like her own family. Tracy has deep ties to one of the company’s biggest names, as not only does she train alongside Triple C, but she also grew up alongside them.

In a past interview to the Top Turtle MMA podcast, Cortez revealed that she has known the Cejudo family, including Henry Cejudo and his brother, her whole life while growing up with them. Tracey revealed that the Cejudo family was there for them in their toughest times. Not only was Cejudo’s whole family there for hers in their time of need, but Cejudo has also been extremely helpful to her MMA career.

Tracey Cortez remains undefeated for 10 matches now with her win against Jasmine. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on Cortez’s performance last night at Noche UFC. Also, do share your thoughts on Tracey Cortez dedicating her win to Gloria Cejudo.


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