Who is going to replace Bill Belichick as Patriots head coach?

The legendary Bill Belichick is set to bid farewell to the New England Patriots after 24 seasons and multiple Super Bowl wins. Amid the team’s struggles and declining performance, Tom Brady advised to change the strategies of the HC, but the team decided to change the coach instead.

This marks the Patriots’ first coaching search in almost 25 years. Since acquiring the team in 1994, Robert Kraft has only hired two coaches, Belichick and Pete Carroll. Now, the pivotal question emerges about the choice of the team to replace the legendary Bill Belichick. 

Who will succeed Bill Belichick?

The Patriots had the worst season record this year. Therefore, the team won’t settle for less and try to replace Bill Belichick with the best option available.

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Jerod Mayo could be the choice of the team considering his long history with the Patriots. He was selected in 2008 and played his entire career with the New England. He is familiar with the owner and the team. He became the linebacker coach of the team in 2019. Although he was never a head coach, he is a strong candidate for this position considering his familiarity with the team.

Mike Vrabel is another potential successor to Bill Belichick. He bid farewell to the Tennessee Titans this season. He coached the team for half a decade and was named NFL’s Coach of the Year award in 2021. Vrabel also had experience as an assistant coach in college and with the Houston Texans. He can bring vast experience to the team.

Jim Harbaugh is another top option. He recently led Michigan to its first college football national title since 1997. He has NFL coaching experience and led a team to the Super Bowl. He holds a 49-22-1 record as an NFL head coach and has a high winning percentage as a college head coach. His records make him one of the top options to replace Bill Belichick. 

But these three are not the only options to replace the HC. The team might go for some other option. But one thing is certain they will have to bring a coach that helps them recover from their downfall.

Looking back at Bill Belichick’s Patriots legacy

Bill Belichick’s journey with the Patriots began in 2000 when he was hired by the owner of the team, Robert Kraft. He resigned from the Jets and became the HC of the Patriots.

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In April, the team drafted Tom Brady and Belichick chose him as the team’s QB. In 2001, the starting QB of the team Drew Bledsoe was injured so the coach let Brady start the game, and after that Brady became the starting QB. Since then, the team reached heights of success. 

The team continued to succeed under the leadership of Bill Belichick. He had 24 seasons with the Patriots during which the team made nine Super Bowl appearances, won six Super Bowl titles, and set a 266-120 regular season record and a 30-12 postseason record.

While many people attribute this success to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick had a more significant role in the team’s success. Unfortunately, after Brady’s departure, the team started declining to the point that the Patriots had the worst season record (4-13) this year. 

This was the reason the team had to take this difficult decision and part ways with Bill Belichick. To bring a new perspective and coaching style to the team, now the Patriots will hire a new HC.

Who do you think will be the next head coach of the Patriots? Let us know in the comments.

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