Tom Brady offers candid advice to Bill Belichick saying “change your strategy” after Patriots’ challenging NFL season

Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl Champion, is retired from the NFL but he has not ended his ties with the league. Brady is constantly working to stay in connection with the NFL and it also includes staying updated with how well his former teams are performing. 

Recently, the 46-year-old talked about his longtime team Patriots, providing insights into their poor performance and offering valuable advice to Coach Bill Belichick who has been making sudden roster changes this season.

Tom Brady offers candid advice to Bill Belichick

The Patriots’ current 2-8 record is their worst since 2000, raising concerns about Belichick’s job security. Amid this situation, Tom Brady came forward to advise the coach.

Brady advised Bill Belichick to change the team’s strategy, emphasizing that different weeks present varying challenges.

“You have to change your strategy, different weeks have different challenges and I think the Patriots are facing a tough challenge, they are not playing with the kind of confidence that they have. You have always seen.”

Bill Belichick
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According to the former QB, the Patriots are facing a tough period, lacking the confidence they had during more successful times. He noted that he doesn’t see a significant change in Belichick’s coaching style from when the team was undefeated.

“Obviously Coach Belichick, I don’t think he’s coaching any different now than the way he was coaching when we were undefeated. A lot of things need to go right to win and be successful.”

Despite the challenging season, the former QB defended Belichick, stating that success in the NFL requires many things to go right.

“The more I sit back and watch – when you win as an organization everyone wants to celebrate; Everybody is responsible,” Brady added.

Although Tom Brady came forward to advise his old coach, he made sure to emphasize that the poor performance of the team can’t only be attributed to the coach, there are many other factors involved. 

However, the seven-time Super Bowl champion believes that by changing his coaching strategies Bill Belichick can make some difference. 

Tom Brady reacts to Patriots’ 2-8 record

Tom Brady who is rumored to be dating Irina Shayk talked about the team’s performance and their 2-8 record this season. He acknowledged the difficulty of maintaining success in the NFL, citing examples of other teams’ struggles.

“Look, the NFL’s hard. It’s hard to win games,” Brady said. “I watched the Raiders beat the Jets. I watched the Ravens have that brutal loss yesterday. Every week is tough.” 

Brady expressed concern about the Patriots not playing with the usual confidence associated with the team. He emphasized that winning in the NFL is challenging and requires adapting strategies based on different challenges each week.

“Sometimes you’re playing better on defense. Sometimes you’re playing better on offense. You gotta change your strategy. Different weeks, there’s different challenges.”

Brady believes that Belichick is coaching similarly to when they had their undefeated streak, suggesting that the coach’s approach hasn’t significantly changed. He didn’t pinpoint specific issues or players responsible for the Patriots’ struggles but emphasized the complexity of problems in the NFL. 

Bill Belichick
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He highlighted that everyone in the organization is responsible for both wins and losses.

“When you look at losing, the whole organization loses, the fan base loses. Everyone’s in it together. It’s hard to get it right,” Brady continued. “When you get it right, you should really appreciate it, especially in the NFL. The NFL’s tough. Everything’s trying to bring you back to 8-9 or 9-8. It’s hard, and you just gotta appreciate it when you win, and you gotta try to make the corrections when you lose.”

Fans hope that Bill Belichick will work on this advice and try to change his strategy. But as Tom Brady said the whole team is responsible for wins and losses, so they all can make a change when they work together. 

The Patriots will face the New York Giants in Week 12, providing an opportunity to improve their record. The team’s performance and Belichick’s coaching will likely be under scrutiny as they strive to break out of their current losing streak.

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