Is Bill Belichick heading towards Commanders? Exploring the future of under-fire Patriots HC

The New England Patriots are currently grappling with their worst season record at 2-8. The team has faced ongoing challenges since the retirement of Tom Brady, and this season, in particular, has been exceptionally difficult.

The team’s struggles are being attributed to the poor coaching of Bill Belichick. While Tom Brady believes that the coach changing his strategies can help the team perform better, there are speculations that Belichick is considering a switch to another team.

Is Bill Belichick heading towards Commanders? 

Owing to the team’s worst performance this season, there are speculations that the Patriots will get rid of Bill Belichick and might consider signing a new coach in 2024.

While many NFL teams will be ready to welcome the coach who brings years of successful experience, there are rumors that Commanders might be the landing spot for the coach.

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders are identified as the teams “most connected” to Bill Belichick, according to Albert Breer of The MMQB.

Washington is seen as a logical fit due to the desire of new owner Josh Harris to hire an experienced head coach for instant credibility. Dallas views hiring Belichick as the fastest path to achieving their goal of winning a sixth Super Bowl title.

Because of the coach’s age, he might not be able to commit to another team that is in a rebuilding phase. He has already done that work on Patriots and considering the coach’s failure to rebuilding the Patriots after Tom Brady’s retirement, he has lost that potential now 

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However, the coach heading toward the Commanders seems difficult considering the loyalty and dedication of Belichick to the Patriots. The team might also focus on signing a new quarterback rather than changing a coach who once made them one of the best teams in the league. 

Bill Burr delivers his verdict on Belichick rumors

Bill Burr, who claims to be one of the biggest Patriots fans, recently talked about the Patriots and defended the HC Bill Belichick. He harshly criticized the fans and media for calling out the coach and asking him to leave the team.

“That whole conversation about him, that they’re going to fire him, is just scuttlebutt invented by the local radio, where they were just like, ‘It’s just the time,’” Burr said, mimicking sports talk radio hosts. “In other words, the phone lines aren’t lit up and it just catches fire and everybody’s talking about this.”

Burr questioned why anyone would want to replace Bill Belichick, emphasizing his success over 20 years, during which the Patriots were the team of the decade for two decades in a row. 

He mocked the notion of firing Belichick, highlighting that the whole league has studied and emulated his coaching strategies.

“You know what nobody is talking about? Who you’re going to replace him with. The guy just coached a team for over 20 years and they were the team of the decade two decades in a row. Nobody has ever done that. The second that there’s a little rough water for two seasons it’s like, ‘He has to go.’ He has to go? The whole league ripped off what he did. The whole league has studied him.”

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Burr reminded fans that before Belichick’s hiring in 2000, the Patriots were “horrible,” with no titles and only two Super Bowl appearances in the franchise’s first 40 years.

He compared Belichick to “the modern-day Paul Brown” for turning the franchise around and winning six Super Bowls in his first 19 seasons as coach.

Burr also emphasized that the narrative that only Tom Brady was responsible for the team’s success is wrong and the coach had an equal share in the Patriots success. 

He specifically mentioned the genius of Belichick in preparing the team for critical plays, such as the win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

“That win [over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX] was [Belichick’s] genius in preparing his team so that they were ready for that play. Everybody comes down on Pete Carroll, but every time they ran that play the whole year it was either an incompletion or a touchdown. It was a total safe play until you ran into Bill Belichick.”

Despite many fans believing that only Bill Belichick leaving the team can make a difference in their performance, Bill Burr asserted that firing Belichick will not solve their problems. Rather, the team needs to focus on other aspects as well.

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