Who is Sam LaPorta, the Lions’ TE hailed as “steal of the draft” by Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski?

The NFL draft combine pulls out loads of promising talent every year. However, a few among these selected group of players really make it big and prove their mettle at the grandest stage of all. This year, Sam LaPorta might be one of them, at least according to NFL legend Rob Gronkowski.

In a conversation about the 2023 draft and the young players in the NFL circuit at the moment, the Patriots legend waxed lyrical about the budding tight end, complimenting his skill and drive. Seemingly, the Detroit Lions might just have struck gold with this pick.

Gronkowski labels Sam LaPorta as draft’s steal after impressive start

The Gronk, speaking on the Up & Adams show on Thursday, told just how much he loves what he has seen from Sam LaPorta so far. About the rookie’s odds in the game against the Packers on Thursday, he said, “I’m gonna go with the ‘steal of the NFL’ draft rookie Sam LaPorta. He’s gonna have over 40 yards receiving.”

About the Detroit Lions, Gronkowski said, “They dismantled the Falcons last week, they’re 2-1 up and they got a solid team. They are gonna beat the Green Bay Packers. They beat them last year till the end of the season and they’re gonna beat them again.”

How much is LaPorta’s Lions contract?

With the recent changes in the NFL contracts of second-round picks, the players are guaranteed to make more bank than before. Sam LaPorta is surely glad to be one of them. LaPorta signed a four-year, $9,465,990 contract with the Lions, which includes a $3,884,356 signing bonus, $7,517,173 in guaranteed monies and an average annual salary of $2,366,498. 

In his rookie season, the former Iowa Hawkeyes tight end will earn a base salary of $750,000 and a signing bonus of $3,884,356. His cap hit in 2023 will be $1,721,089, with a dead cap value of $7,517,173.

Selected as the 34th overall pick in the 2023 draft, he seems to have locked in 20 percent of his guaranteed salary for his fourth year, marking a notable improvement compared to the guaranteed contracts obtained by previous draft picks in the same round in previous years. This achievement demonstrates his favorable contract terms in comparison to his peers from earlier drafts.

What are your thoughts on Rob Gronkowski’s comments on Sam Laporta? Do you think LaPorta will live up to the Patriots legend’s expectations? Share with us belwo.

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