Tom Brady’s ex-Patriot teammate Patrick Chung joins Julian Edelman in dismissing outlandish story on Rob Gronkowski

In January, the former Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski stated, he feels partying with friends was responsible for his great play in the field and the NFL icon recently got a mention as a party animal from his former Patriots teammate Jake Bequette.

Though Gronk made no further comment on Bequettes’ citation, some of his former teammates can not make up their minds and regard him as a party-addicted player. After Julian Edelman,  now Patrick Chung refuted Jake’s claim on Rob’s partying habit.

What was the claim made about Rob Gronkowski? 

Bequette played as the teammate of the former Bucs’ best tight end during 2012-15. During an interview earlier in June on “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” Bequette, the former Bucs’ defensive end laughingly asserted a story about the four-time All-Pro featuring his partying nature. 

Jake retorted that during his time with the Patriots, Gronk spent most of his night partying with his buddies in Boston and would show up to the teams’ facility passed out.

“We all had these key fobs that gave us 24/7 access to the Patriots facility there in Foxborough,” Bequette said. “During the offseason, Gronk would go out all night with his boys in Boston. You know, stay up till three or four in the morning, whatever it was, and then have his crew drop him off at the Patriots facility.”

Jake then added that the trainers used to discover him sleeping at the locker room table following his party. Instead of waking him at once, the trainers would stick an IV in his arm to get their best tight end some fluids and he eventually raised his head like Frankenstein.

“So then like an hour or two later when the trainers would come in to start their workday, they’d come in there and see Gronk just sprawled out on the training table, just fast asleep. They would go over there, they wouldn’t wake him up, they would roll up one of his sleeves, and you know stick an IV in his arm and like after a couple hours he would just wake up like Frankenstein, revived, and go out there and just kick ass.”

Patrick Chung joins Julian Edelman to back Gronkowski 

After learning the story, the former Bucs wide receiver Edelman shared his discontent with the claim in a Twitter post asserting it as lame and labeling the 34-year-old as a stalwart and team-first mentality guy. 

“Story is BS,” the former Patriots receiver tweeted. “Everyone wants to paint Gronk as a party animal. When in reality he was one of the most dedicated teammates I had.”

Just after Julian, another tight end’s former teammate Chung raised his eyebrow on the matter who disbursed 10 seasons and came in front providing assistance to Edelman giving voice to  “People just want their time of fame.”

Both players were drafted by the Patriots in 2009 and ran through most of their NFL journey with the team, playing a key role in multiple Super Bowl victories alongside Gronk, hence they could not let themselves silent as the matter is regarding their friend cum teammates’ reputation.


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