When Salt Bae Faced Brutal Backlash For His Controversial Celebrations With Lionel Messi at the FIFA World Cup 2022

Footballers are always in the spotlight due to their increasing popularity and stardom. But when you’re Lionel Messi, you’re a global icon who receives extra attention. Lionel Messi is perhaps the best footballer of all time, with his recent exploits coming in the last World Cup in Qatar, where he led his country to glory.

With Messi winning the trophy that was always missing in his trophy cabinet, he became one of the most decorated footballers ever. He even admitted that he had completed football after winning every available title.

His celebrations after winning the World Cup became the talk of the town. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner was visibly emotional, but celebrity chef Salt Bae appeared to want to share that spotlight with him, which many considered very selfish.

When Salt Bae Acted As Though He Had Won the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final

It’s normal for celebrities who are football fans to want to enjoy some special moments with their favorite teams and players. However, Salt Bae’s antics at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar were far from laudable. He was criticized for wanting Messi’s attention so badly that he had to pull the new World Cup winner’s arm to get a photo with him.

Although he would later get that moment with Messi, he couldn’t get his name out of people’s mouths after the event. Popular American social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul criticized Salt Bae for disturbing Messi’s celebrations, who only just wanted to live in the moment with his family and teammates.

Salt Bae’s Controversial Celebrations Brutally Shocked Soccer World

The popular celebrity chef and internet sensation did not stop at Messi’s antics he pulled earlier during the team’s celebrations. He disturbed almost every Argentinian player by trying so hard to take photos with them, biting their medals, and even kissing and handling the coveted FIFA World Cup trophy.

Salt Bae banned from attending US Open Cup final after causing commotion at FIFA World Cup final - Culture

He earned himself an investigation that FIFA launched against him after several complaints were received about his attitude. Days later, he would be denied entry into the US Open final for what he did a few days prior, as reported by NDTV.

Salt Bae was not supposed to be allowed on the pitch in the first place. FIFA rules only allow family and close friends of the players to join them in moments like this, and the closest relationship any of the players could have had with the chef was strictly limited to business.

It’s okay to want to join and share special moments with players, but when you try to steal the spotlight, you should expect a backlash. Let’s know what you think of Salt Bae’s antics below.



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