Jake Paul takes his shot at Salt Bae for disrespecting football ‘Goats’ like Lionel Messi

Jake Paul is irritated with Salt Bae for interrupting the celebration of Argentina’s teammates and Messi following their heroic World Cup triumph. And why will he not be as any sensible man would get agitated in this type of behavior administered by Salt. Totally Insane! Immature! Attention Seeking.

December 18, 2022, Argentina went on to win the world cup after 36 years. Great moment for the fans but most importantly it is ‘the moment’ for the world cup winners as you do not go on to win the world cup every day! It is a lifelong achievement whereas some even reckon this as an achievement larger than life. 

Nusrat Gokce, the Turkish chef, is very popular among athletes all over the world, as many have been seen enjoying his stake before, but the way he interrupted after the final match at Lusail stadium brought a considerable criticism, and Jake is definitely one of them.

The chef constantly stopped and disturbed Lionel Messi, the GOAT of football, following Argentina’s spectacular World Cup Final victory over France with Jake publicly declared his dislike for Salt Bae and said that he was more annoying than his archrival KSI on Twitter on Boxing Day.

What did Salt Bae rehash?

After ending a 36-year World Cup drought, the Argentina team was euphoric and spotted hugging, kissing, taking photographs, and spending time with relatives.

The chef, Nusrat Gokce, appeared out of nowhere and continued relentless pulling in Lionel Messi’s arms, much to Messi’s embarrassment, and it looked as if the chef too wanted a piece of the World Cup trophy to take home with.

The Turkish was not even stopped there and went on further to other players and made them feel uncomrtable with the nagging kind of nature of his behaviour.

He was even seen clicked a picture kissing the trophy, tasting the gold, and it didn’t go well among to the fans.

What was Jake Paul’s take on it?

The YouTuber-turned-boxer uploaded images of Messi and Salt Bae during the World Cup Final, as well as the chef and Mohamed Salah following Salah’s loss to Real Madrid in the 2018 UCL final.

“This dude has been disrespecting GOATs way too long,’ the 25-year-old wrote. 

‘I may have found someone who annoys me more than KSI.’ 

Boxing and YouTube fans have been captivated by Paul’s relationship with KSI for a while now. Their bitter rivalry dates back to 2018, when KSI faced off against his brother Logan.

Since then, talk of a bout between the two has been rife, and it now seems likely that KSI vs. Jake Paul will take place at some point in 2022.

Although Jake has a lot of lost love for KSI, it seems like Salt Bae is currently giving him a lot more trouble than his rival.

FIFA turned appalled

FIFA was shocked by the manner the Turkish chef got in the path when the players weren’t paying attention, and they are now asking the security for an explanation. They also hope that these occurrences won’t happen again in the near future.

“Following a review, FIFA has been establishing how individuals gained undue access to the pitch after the closing ceremony at Lusail stadium on 18 December. The appropriate internal action will be taken,” a spokesperson told to the journalists. 

It would seem that Jake Paul has every right to be upset about the incident, and it would be interesting to hear how the situation developed when Salt Bae hit the other person in the argument. 
Keep checking back for all the latest news until then.

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