Lionel Messi Outshines Roman Riquelme at La Bombonera in Argentine Legend’s Testimonial Match

The name “Lionel Messi” is synonymous with ‘greatness.’ Anyone who has seen the Argentine play before knows how naturally gifted he is. Some even claim that his left foot is a gift from God to humanity for the pure purpose of entertainment, providing happiness to those who watch him play.

Those claims couldn’t be truer regarding the World Cup winner. He is indeed a gift from God that lights up everywhere he goes or plays in, including friendly matches. Messi’s football wizardry is not limited to competitive football matches. He tries to show how great a player he is, even in friendly and testimonial matches.

He has gained a cult-like status in his native Argentina since leading the national team to their first World Cup glory since 1986 when another super boy, Diego Maradona, put the country in a global spotlight.

Legends of the Past, Present Including Messi Assemble at La Bombonera Spectacle

It’s no surprise that Lionel Messi is always involved in whatever happens in Argentina now as far as football goes. He has become a national treasure since lifting the World Cup six months ago. Statues were erected in his honor, further cementing his place in Argentinean football history.

So when a testimonial match for another Argentine football legend, Roman Riquelme, was announced, we all expected Lionel Messi to play a part in it, and boy, did he! Lionel Messi captained his Argentina side against Boca Juniors in the testimonial match at La Bombonera stadium.

Despiden al 'Último Gran 10': con la presencia de Messi, dicen adiós a Juan Román Riquelme

The star-studded match also featured legends of the game, including Carlos Tevez, Angel Di Maria, Sergio Romero, Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano, Maxi Rodriguez, Pablo Aimar, Roberto Ayala, and Gabriel Heinze, among many others.

Messi Receives Hero’s Welcome From Boca Juniors Fans

Although it was a testimonial match for Riquelme, Messi couldn’t help but be in the spotlight again. Boca Juniors’ fans are famous for making life difficult for opposition teams, but on this night, the country’s golden boy was an exception.

“Messi Messi Messi, you must forgive me! Because in La Boca there is the greatest. The greatest is Roman,” Boca fans chanted in unison. This was a friendly recognition that while Messi may have been the star of the show, Roman Riquelme owned the night.

When Messi scored, the whole stadium, packed with almost 60,000 fans, went wild. He received a pass from what seemed to be an offside position, but with the flag down, Messi continued his run with the ball, rounded the goalkeeper, and slotted the ball into the back of the net. A typical Lionel Messi goal.

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