Mark Zuckerberg dismisses Chael Sonnen’s UFC 300 fight report vs Elon while Musk’s mother calls off the bout

A representative for Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has refuted Chael Sonnen’s recent claim that he received a personal phone call from Zuckerberg regarding the Elon Musk fight happening at UFC 300.

According to the Meta CEO’s representative, there was no such conversation between Sonnen and Zuckerberg.

Chael had made this bold statement during his appearance on “The MMA Hour” earlier on Monday, suggesting that Mark reached out to him to provide significant updates on the anticipated fight with the Twitter executive.

However, the representative has denied the occurrence of any such phone conversation.

Mark Zuckerberg dismiss Chael Sonnen’s UFC 300 fight report

“Zuckerberg contacts me because he saw your tweet that I’m coming on,” Sonnen said. “Zuckerberg has told me that he has agreed to fight Elon Musk at UFC 300 and it was a very big deal.”

Amid the growing speculation surrounding a potential showdown between Mark and Musk at UFC 300, uncertainty still shrouds the actuality of such an event.

As enthusiasts and media outlets continue to ponder the outcome, a spokesperson representing Zuckerberg has swiftly refuted the existence of any phone conversation between the Facebook co-founder and the aspiring combatant, Musk.

The denial from Zuckerberg’s camp has only fueled the curiosity surrounding this hypothetical clash of the tech titans. Fans and analysts alike eagerly await further developments to shed light on the veracity of the fight.

Dana White

“I have confirmed with Mark that he did not call Chael Sonnen.”

The spokesperson’s swift response underscores the need for concrete evidence and official announcements to ascertain the truth behind the rumors and speculation.

With both Zuckerberg and Musk known for their visionary ventures in the technology industry, the prospect of witnessing them engage in physical combat has captivated imaginations worldwide.

However, until details emerge, fans will have to contend with the intrigue and uncertainty that surround this potential battle of the tech moguls.

Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk’s mother calls off the bout vs Mark Zuckerberg

Following a week of public exchanges between the two billionaires, momentum has been building for a potential fight. UFC President Dana White has confirmed that both sides are fully committed to making the fight happen.

White even believes that this showdown could surpass the record-breaking Pay-Per-View buys of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, potentially tripling the numbers. The anticipation and excitement surrounding this event are reaching unprecedented levels.

Elon, in his typical nonchalant manner, expressed his willingness to settle his differences with Mark inside a ring. Musk confidently suggested a cage match, acknowledging Zuckerberg’s recent victory in the Jiu Jitsu championship.

While many are concerned for Musk’s safety, including his own mother Maye Musk, who offered him advice through a casual tweet, urging him to resolve the conflict using words alone.

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