“Who the fu*k is that guy?” Conor McGregor trolls Jose Aldo for his vulgar message to potential boxing proposal

Conor McGregor had one of his greatest moments in the UFC octagon when he knocked out Jose Aldo Junior within thirteen seconds. Since then the rivalry had boiled down to a mutual respect, as it seemed. Things have taken a rough turn as Aldo rekindled the fire. And as always, McGregor has bounced back with a mocking reply.

What did Jose Aldo say to Conor McGregor earlier?

McGregor put Aldo in his place back in December 2015. Leading up to the fight, the two had numerous altercations and bitter exchanges of words. However, they both put the rivalry to rest after Aldo retired from MMA. McGregor gave Aldo the respect that he deserved as a UFC legend.

Fast forward to 2023, McGregor proposed a boxing match as Aldo had morphed into a professional boxer. Aldo must have had a lot of pent-up anger with the Irishman as he disdainfully turned that down. Aldo, in a press conference, claimed that McGregor is a big mouth as he always “talks sh*t.”

McGregor turned the clock back with his response

McGregor, as expected, took it to social media to respond. However, he did not make things any more caustic by making things personal. He did take a dig, however, to another fighter. McGregor rekindled the memory of UFC 205 when he famously defeated Eddie Alvarez.

In the press conference leading up to the fight, McGregor was asked who at that stage could knock him out. Before McGregor could reply, Jeremy Stephens took the mike and audaciously claimed that he was the right person.

Claiming himself as the “hardest hitting 145 pounder”, Stephens claimed that he knocked people out regularly. McGregor was visibly incensed and confused at the same time. The Irishman then blurted out his iconic line, “Who the f**k is this guy!”

Years later, in response to Aldo’s refusal, McGregor drew this reference. In that Twitter reply, McGregor claimed that he was just trying to be nice. Poking at Aldo, he also raised the question on why the Brazilian was so infuriated.

He then went on to edit the post and alluded to that infamous press conference writing, “Me and who the f**k is that guy should box.”

Stephens, however, is scheduled to fight Aldo in a boxing match. Aldo had a stellar debut in boxing. He is looking to extend his run with yet another win, against Stephens.

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