Why Jazz star Lauri Markkanen to serve in Finland military during offseason? One fan knows the surprising reason

Jazz fans were left scratching their heads when it was announced that their star player, Lauri Markkanen, would be spending his offseason serving in the Finnish military. Many wondered why an NBA player at the height of his career would voluntarily put his basketball aspirations on hold to participate in military service. 

However, one dedicated fan claims to have uncovered the surprising reason behind Markkanen’s decision. In this article, we delve into the story behind Markkanen’s military service and uncover the truth behind one of the most unexpected off-season moves in recent NBA history.

During the offseason, Lauri Markkanen will be fulfilling his mandatory service in the Finnish Military, as per Ramona Shelburne. Finland mandates military service for its male citizens before the age of 30, and Markkanen is no exception. Shelburne revealed that Markkanen may start his basic training as early as April 17th, right after the NBA season ends.


Why will Lauri Markkanen join the military?

Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen’s decision to serve his country shows a unique and admirable side to the NBA star. He has great pride in his country and is willing to put his basketball aspirations on hold to fulfill his duty. While some may question the impact of military service on Markkanen’s upcoming season, it can also be viewed as an opportunity for him to improve his fitness and discipline.

One fan tweeted the reason behind his decision to serve in the military, “Bro has to do a quick side quest.” 


It was a humorous and clever way to describe Lauri Markkanen’s decision to fulfill his mandatory military service in Finland. In video games, a side quest refers to a secondary mission or objective that a player can undertake in addition to the main storyline. These quests often offer rewards such as extra experience points, new items, or other benefits that can aid the player in their journey.

The fan’s tweet likened Markkanen’s military service to a side quest, implying that it is a necessary and temporary detour from his main objective of playing basketball in the NBA. The tweet also suggests that fulfilling his military duty could offer benefits that may aid Markkanen in his basketball career.

Another fan tweeted, “Finland has a military? They guarding penguins or something?”


The reason behind his abrupt decision might remain uncovered, but as Markkanen enters service, we can only hope for the best and wish him success both in the military and in the upcoming NBA season.


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