Wisconsin bar announces free drinks for every Aaron Rodgers loss to show Packers devotion ahead of Bills game

Aaron Rodgers, the Jets quarterback spent 18 years of his remarkable career with the Green Bay Packers. In an unexpected turn, for this season the four-time NFL MVP decided to play with the New York Jets and signed a one-year deal with the team. The Packers fans of Rodgers couldn’t accept this change.

Although Rodgers has spent several years of his life on the team and also helped them win a Super Bowl championship, it seems like it wasn’t enough for them. The fans have started using weird strategies to take revenge on the quarterback in their own ways.

Wisconsin bar promises free drinks on Rodgers’ losses

Before the start of the regular season, Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, introduced the “Jets Lose, You Win” promotion.

It states that every time the Jets and Aaron Rodgers lose a game in the upcoming regular season, the bar will pay the entire tab of patrons. The Packers fans are so frustrated with the quarterback that they are going to celebrate his loss by distributing free drinks to everyone. 

Aaron Rodgers

But to avail of this offer, patrons will need to follow a few rules. The customers must open their tab 15 minutes before the game starts. The offer will be eligible if the customer stays in the bar throughout the game and it’ll be available only for those games in which Aaron Rodgers will start.

If the Packers also have a game that day, then customers won’t be able to avail this offer. This offer shows how enraged fans are towards the former Packers quarterback. The promotion is a response to fans’ dissatisfaction with the four-time NFL MVP leaving the Green Bay Packers.

There are four games where the Packers and Jets play at the same time, leaving 13 opportunities for patrons to get free drinks. The promotion will start with the Jets’ opening game against the Bills on September 11.

Rodgers will face Josh Allen in Jets opening game

According to the schedule, the Jets will play the season opener against the Buffalo Bills on September 11 which means Aaron Rodgers will face Josh Allen. Bills is one of the strongest teams in the NFL, they reached the playoffs in four straight seasons and won three consecutive AFC East titles. 

The first game with the Jets will be one of the biggest challenges for Rodgers. He has a lot of pressure to maintain his reputation of being the best quarterback and he also needs to help the Jets perform better than the last season. Josh Allen is also a very talented quarterback who will give tough competition to the Jets and their quarterback. 

Aaron Rodgers

Despite Aaron Rodgers’ age, he has an impressive career with Pro Bowl selections, MVP awards, and a Super Bowl win. His performance may have been impacted by the Packers’ off-field changes, but still, the team has a lot of expectations with the quarterback.

Even though haters are waiting for Aaron Rodgers to lose so they can celebrate, the four-time NFL MVP will make sure not to let down his supporters and current team.

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