WWE legend John Cena opens up about early career struggles, reveals feeling like pariah among peers

John Cena was one of the biggest names in an era when WWE was packed with stars. He was probably the creme of the crop in the mid-2010s. Even today, despite allocating the majority of his time to Hollywood endeavors, his name is still synonymous with the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

For this reason, when someone like John Cena says that he had a hard time breaking through the WWE scene, it is quite hard to properly grasp the gravity of his words. However, that was indeed the case for the former WWE champion.

John Cena struggled in his early days at WWE

Cena elucidated the matter at hand, which was really hard to believe. He said that he was a recluse for the most part of his beginning, not by his volition but by his attitude. Due to his not comprehending the culture of WWE at that time, he could not get into any inner circles properly. He felt like an outcast in those days. This is where he feels the situation is different today.

However, kinship and brotherhood were stronger than ever in that period. Cena claimed that wrestlers at that time were very capable of leaving the storyline in the ring. As soon as they were in the locker room, they were hugging and shared laughs.

This is where Cena struggled. He was a reticent person back then. Which is why he showed little effort to get into those groups. This made life hard for him, in terms of sociability.

Cena was a quick learner. He recognized what could overturn the situation. The champ decided to come out of his shell and drop the attitude. Eventually, he read the room and got hold of the entire scenario. ‘The Cenation Leader’ we got to witness is the result of the Cena that grabbed the domination in the locker room as well.

In the interview with Andrew Santino on Whiskey Ginger show, Cena shed light on this important issue. By opening up, Cena wanted to preach things he learned over his early tenure so that newcomers could be benefitted.

Cena will be in action at Wrestlemania 39, facing off with Austin Theory. He will fight for the glory of yet another United States Championship. This match at the grandest stage of the sport is the culmination of their ongoing feud.

Who do you think will cinch the United States Championship belt around his waist after Wrestlemania 39?


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