“Yoooo. Hype as hell”: Fans go wild as UFC star Conor McGregor announces new documentary series set to release on Netflix

This year, Conor McGregor fans can look forward to something far more exciting. The Irish superstar has published a teaser for his upcoming documentary, which has fans going nuts. 

Fans of The Notorious are already anticipating Conor McGregor’s The Ultimate Fighter, which is scheduled to air on ESPN on May 30. Prior to that, a documentary on Conor’s life will be released on Netflix. McGregor himself made the huge announcement on Twitter yesterday. 

“You heard it here first. My brand new documentary series ‘McGregor Forever,’ is coming to Netflix on May 17! The only place to hear my true story, which is only getting started!” Conor wrote.

How did Conor McGregor fans react to the new documentary announcement? 

For his golden days in the UFC, the former two-division champion still has a big following base. Fans swamped Conor’s post with comments as soon as he announced the release date for his documentary. Even though the entire MMA world is anticipating his return fight with Michael Chandler, the documentary is the focus for the time being. 

“I will take you as a serious fighter again once I see you not smoking or drinking and with a true commitment to fighting.” Sandor Gantes said. 

“You know what they say, “Break a leg!” But if you have osteoporosis, you might take that saying a little too seriously. Unless, of course, you’re Conor McGregor, in which case you could break a leg, an arm, and a rib and still come out on top.” a user commented. 

Emily Cheree is already super excited for the documentary as she said, “I know what I will be doing may 17th.”

“The Man ,The Legend. THE GREATEST STORY ,THAT STILL BEING WRITEN. Thank you. Can’t wait to see you again win or lose ,you are inspiration For everyone coming from the lowest of low ,and becoming the ICON YOU ARE. LONG LIVE THE KING.” another user commented. 

However, not everyone’s super excited, Ken Grayson for example, who said,” I’m just being honest. A few years ago I’d have been hyped for this, but now? Nope. Not interested.

“Can’t wait for this. Conor’s last doco was incredible so this should be even better.” said a user. 

Dillon wants another documentary focusing mostly on Mystic Mac’s infamous bouts against Nate Diaz as he said, “You should release a doc on yours and Nate’s two fights. That would be great. Hope the trilogy happens!! It would be a shame if it didn’t.”

“Since khabib he been getting whooped. You cant respect a man who don’t respect himself this guy don’t care about anything just money and fake talk shit, But Conor is hustler you have to respect his shameless hustle.” Papz said.

Are you excited to watch the Conor McGregor documentary on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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