“You’re pathetic”: Fans mocks Ex UFC fighter Daren Till for call out rant on Carl Froch, Rocky Fielding, Tommy Fury and Joe Joyce

‘The Gorilla’ Darren Till was once amongst the top welterweight contenders in the UFC. The former title challenger was recently in the news for calling out three big names in British boxing, the callout which took place on Twitter wasn’t a friendly one. Till was last seen inside the octagon on December 10th last year where he suffered his third consecutive loss at the hands of Dricus Du Plessis.

After going on a three-fight losing streak and Till was subsequently released from the premier organization. Till though has cleared the air on his retirement and assures that he will be back sooner than later. “What’s happening everyone, Me, Dana (White) & Hunter (Campbell) are still cool as f***. I asked UFC 2 remove me just 2 sort some other s*** for the foreseeable. They happily agreed to release me out of contract which I appreciate. I’m not going anywhere, got big plans to execute & I’ll be back.”

Till recently disclosed his future combat aspirations and how he would like to compete against them. Darren Till recently called out three fighters, among them Rocky Fielding. Former WBA super-middleweight champion Fielding retired after his final fight in December 2022, when he was defeated by Dan Azeez by TKO.

35-year-old former super middleweight champion Fielding didn’t back up and quickly responded, he wrote “Let’s see who is one then. July/August Echo Arena. How Ever Many Rounds & Minutes You Want. Let’s Goooooo”

How did fans react to Darren Till’s callouts?

The sudden boxing callouts from Till were certainly unexpected. There were previously rumors about Till joining a less competitive MMA promotion and starting his career back from scratch. Although now it seems like Till isn’t willing to play the waiting game and wants to cash in big with a boxing fight against a well-established name.

Fans didn’t really like the foulmouthed callout as many believe a washed-up till would get ‘flatten’ against former world champions like Carl Froch and Rocky Fielding. Here are some of the reactions:

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