“You’ve lost to him 3 times stfu”: Fans outraged after UFC champ Israel Adesanya takes sly dig at Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira’s eagerly awaited middleweight title rematch took place about a month ago. Even though The Last Stylebender appears to be in high spirits following his amazing victory, he came close to upsetting Pereira fans by sharing a photo on Twitter today. 

On April 8 at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida, the two longtime foes squared off again in the main event of UFC 287. In the fourth minute of the second round, Adesanya struck Pereira in the left side of the face, ending Pereira’s champion run. 

The Last Stylebender and Pereira have been at odds since 2016, but Pereira recently stated that he still thinks he is the superior fighter of the two of them. Adesanya has since shared a photo of Poatan resting on the octagon after being knocked out by him. The tweet posted by the current middleweight champion received mixed feedback from the public. 

How did fans react to the latest tweet posted by Israel Adesanya? 

“I think everybody should move on and concentrate on the future. That meme was unnecessary and even not very funny. You can just see that Izzy is still very happy he won that last fight. Very very happy. Thats why he cant move on yet and has to celebrate he little more.” said Daniel Homes.

Riaan thinks Adesanya crossed the limit as Poatan can literally post three such pictures as he said,” Imagine this. He can create 3 of these images. He stopped your undefeated record. Broke years of momentum you had. Buy yes. You do Love the Game. There can be no doubt about That Sir.” 

A user expressed only a third fight in mixed martial arts between the two longtime rivals can settle the debate as he said, “Right now I want to see a 3rd mma fight between these guys, because obviously both guys haven’t moved on.” 

“I really don’t know why this so called supremacy is generating so much emotions?This simple question should be enough to put this argument to bed. Who is the current champion?” another user expressed. 

Thoby supported Adesanya stating, “To all you haters bringing up “3-1″, your favourite fighter couldn’t even defend his belt ONCE. He got wiped out in the most ridiculous manner on his first try. That’s why Izzy can milk this all he wants.”

Pereira is currently getting ready to step up his weight class and fight in the light heavyweight division next.

Another user hence said,” Alex was not able to defend the belt for at least once. He only helped Izzy to attain the 2-time champion status. Alex is just a character that helped in the development of the plot in The Last Stylebender story. His-story. A great story that is still unfolding.”

” Wow bro nah see? Pereira needs to deff get the rematch after this trash talk cause this is crazy. Everybody know he scared of Pereira.. He only fight him cause he believes in himself which is respectable. Next fight Pereira gonna make sure to win that’s a fact.” another user commented.

Do you think there’s a possibility that Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira will agree to fight another MMA bout to settle their longstanding feud? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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