After Khamzat Chimaev’s bold prediction to ‘finish’ Sean Strickland, UFC champ claims Borz does not ‘f*cking deserve’ title shot

Khamzat is generating a lot of buzz in the middleweight division. He has expressed interest in facing Sean Strickland. He suggests that he may have the ability to defeat Sean without any hardship. Dana had mentioned the possibility that the victor of the bout at UFC 294 could potentially be considered for an opportunity to compete for the middleweight title.

Sean, on the other hand, has a unique perspective. He believes that Khamzat has not yet achieved the necessary milestones to secure a title shot. He holds the belief that his victory over Usman is not necessarily a source of pride.

Khamzat Chimaev calls out Sean Strickland

Khamzat put out Usman in a very dominant manner at UFC 294. Dana had said that, the winner of that bout may get a crack at the UFC middleweight title. Khamzat did not miss a beat to call out Sean who is the current middle weight champion.

Khamzat did beat a welterweight on 10-day notice. This discredited his win in the eyes of a lot of people. Usman was nowhere near his best condition. This made people believe that it’s a little to early to be giving Khamzat a shot at the title.

Khamzat did show the world though that he could put the best welterweight out with ease. The match was very one-sided, with Khamzat being in control from the start to the end. It would be very interesting to see how a fight between him and Sean plays out.

Sean Strickland slams Khamzat Chimaev

Sean Strickland recently beat Isreal Adysanya to become the middleweight champion of the UFC. That was probably one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. No one expected Sean to be able to pull that off.

Sean has been trying to get a rematch with Isreal, but new names seem to be emerging now. After UFC 294 Khamzat may be the leading contender for the title shot in the middleweight division. Dana had said that the winner of the Khamzat-Usman fight may get a shot at the title.

Sean, on the other hand, believes that Khamzat is in no way deserving of the title fight. He believes he has not done anything to get a shot at it. According to Sean, Khamzat beat an ex-welterweight champion who was coming off his couch to fight him on ten days notice.

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