After receiving special Spurs-themed Nike sneakers, Victor Wembanyama unveils ambitious career goals

It is no rumor that Victor Wembanyama who is yet to make his NBA debut has already signed a big contract with one of the leading shoe-producing companies in the world of sports, Nike. The young talent has been touted to be one of the future generation of stars after the reign of NBA greats like LeBron, Curry, KD and Antetokounmpo comes to an end.

Wembanyama who just got drafted into the NBA by the San Antonio Spurs has already stated his career goals upon the occasion of receiving special Spurs-themed Nike sneakers.

Spurs’ Wembanyama aims for long-term success

Victor Wembanyama was among the most hyped rookie to join the NBA, perhaps since LeBron James. The 7’3 tall French sensation carried significant expectations, but these expectations didn’t trouble him much. When discussing his rookie season goals, Victor Wembanyama mentioned his desire for the team to win games.

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However, he didn’t seem overly concerned if success doesn’t appear right away but has his hopes high to someday emblazon his name in the NBA Hall of Fame.

He said, “The ideal start would already be the playoffs. But I’m patient, and I know it will happen. Not winning my first few years is no barrier to becoming a Hall of Famer or winning five later.” He has his sights already set on becoming a Hall of Fame recipient and winning the NBA championship as often as possible.

The San Antonio Spurs player’s approach is quite mature, indicating that he’s already thinking long-term about his career. Only a few NBA stars have found immediate success, and the fact that Wembanyama is okay with that suggests he has grand ambitions for his career.

Nike designed special sneaker for Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama has got some fresh new sneakers, even though they don’t have his name on them. However, they now proudly display his team’s colors.

Sneaker News reported that Nike has introduced a new G.T. Hustle 2 colorway inspired by the Spurs, the team that drafted Wembanyama in the NBA. These sneakers have a simple black-and-white design that fits well with the Silver and Black theme.

The regular price for the Hustle 2 is $170, but it’s unclear when the “Spurs” version will hit the market. Currently, offers the Hustle 2 in two styles: cyber and white with siren red and vivid sulfur, and black and white with pink foam and pure platinum.

This news follows closely on the heels of Wembanyama becoming a part of the Nike G.T. Squad, a team of five basketball players sponsored by Nike who wear shoes from the Greater Than line.

However, the Hustle 2 is built to help players like Victor Wembanyama stay agile and explosive throughout the entire game. According to Nike, it features a full-length Air Zoom strobel and a cushlon foam midsole, providing enhanced responsiveness and comfortable cushioning.

Wembanyama discusses these benefits in some new Nike Basketball clips where he talks and plays basketball wearing these sneakers. The style code for the “Spurs” G.T. Hustle 2 is DJ9405-102, according to Sneaker News. Hopefully, the shoe will be available in time for Wemby’s NBA debut on October 25th.

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