After team’s seventh loss on TUF, Michael Chandler seizes opportunity to taunt Conor McGregor’s coaching skills

Following Team Conor McGregor’s seventh consecutive loss in this season of The Ultimate Fighter, Michael Chandler took the opportunity to take a jab aimed at the Irishman.

The initial plan of booking Chandler and McGregor as opposing coaches on Season 31 of TUF was intended to inject new energy into the show and potentially help McGregor rebuild his rapport with fans.

However, the actual fights on the show have been notably one-sided, making it arguably the most imbalanced season in TUF history.


Michael Chandler pokes fun at Conor McGregor

In Episode 6, McGregor’s teammate Lee Hammond experienced a surprising submission defeat at the hands of Kurt Holobaugh. The most recent episode showcased Jason Knight swiftly catching Landon Quiñones in a triangle choke, securing yet another victory for Chandler’s team.

With one quarterfinal bout remaining, Michael’s team now holds an impressive 7-0 record.

After Knight’s win in Episode 7, Conor found himself compelled to inquire about the potential consequences if his team were to suffer a complete sweep. Chandler took evident pleasure in McGregor’s desperation, evident in an Instagram post he shared after the episode aired.

Conor McGregor

“You know you’re in a bad spot when you’re asking what happens if you get swept….Congrats [Jason Knight] and congrats to [Team Chandler] going 7-0 tonight. See you at the top!”

Iron” has currently enjoyed a one-sided sweep against the ‘Notorious’ team. However, despite his camp’s success, the 37-year-old seems to be in the dark about the likelihood of actually facing McGregor in the Octagon.

Nevertheless, there has been minimal visible advancement in terms of scheduling the fight, primarily due to McGregor’s ongoing absence from the USADA testing pool, which is a prerequisite for active UFC competitors.

Did Conor McGregor coach The Ultimate Fighter?

Conor McGregor’s return as a coach on Season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has been far from what he had hoped for. The series of losses for his team continued in the most recent episode of TUF, marking an unfortunate 7-0 winless streak for McGregor.

The disappointment was evident as McGregor dropped to his knees in disbelief after witnessing a highly-touted prospect from his team succumb to defeat despite initially dominating the fight.

The loss was a blow to McGregor’s aspirations of leading his team to victory and somewhat regaining his own winning momentum. It served as a stark reminder that success in the fight game is never guaranteed, even for the most renowned competitors.

McGregor’s frustration and disappointment were palpable, adding to the mounting pressure he faced as a coach in the competition.

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