‘Antibiotics are working’ Dustin Poirier’s latest update on his health leave UFC fans thrilled

Dustin Poirier, the former interim UFC lightweight champion, is currently the second ranked lightweight fighter in the UFC.  In his professional MMA career, this American fighter appeared in 37 fights, won 29 of them, and lost seven.

In his last fight, Diamond faced Michael Chandler at UFC 281, and Poirier secured a dominating submission victory over the three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion. Last Monday, Poirer revealed that he was hospitalized due to a serious medical issue.

Initially, the reason remained undisclosed, but after that, it was clear that the American fighter had been suffering from a Staph infection. At first, the infection looked normal, but it spread quickly. Fans were in shock, as this infection can cause death. Recently, Dr. Brian Sutterer explained Poirier’s situation in a YouTube video:

“Staph infections, particularly MRSA, can be fatal. They can spread to the bone and cause osteomyelitis; they can lead to amputations. If that bacterium gets into your bloodstream and spreads kind of throughout your body, you can become septic, which can be fatal. So, MRSA is really no joke. It’s a pretty common thing that we see.”

However, the 33-year-old fighter’s situation has improved. Yesterday, he tweeted [7 December] that his antibiotics are working, and he will be released today.

“Antibiotics are working. Getting outta the hospital tomorrow morning!”

Amidst this serious medical condition Poirier engaged into tweet battle with the former Irish champion Conor McGregor in which Notorious hinted about the fourth fight between this two and clearly mention that this time he [Conor] will finish Poirier in style. 

“Ye I’m in Amsterdam jacked like van damn. You weren’t just hurt pal. You were scared hurt don’t forget it. I’m coming back to put you in a box. Full of it. I’m sending you off this earth. Permanent. Stay waiting for the roadhouse as well pal you and the missus will love it”

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