UFC 281: Dustin Poirier repeatedly calls Michael Chandler “Dirty motherf*****” for his repeated fouls

On Saturday at UFC 281, something unusual occurred that stunned everyone in attendance. Michael Chandler repeatedly fouled Dustin Poirier during the game, which drew the attention of everyone in the stadium. Although Poirier did something similar later for his own self-defense, he felt guilty about it.

Poirier fought Chandler for the lightweight title at UFC 281. The fight between these two lightweight fighters turned out to be a bloodbath. Throughout the battle, the 36-year-old consistently performed foul actions. At first, he landed a fish-hook to his opponent in an attempt to gain leverage for a choke.

He then purposefully bled into his opponent’s mouth with that fish-hooked hand. Although the 33-year-old is mortified that he may have caused the bleeding, but the case was later dismissed. 

During the intense battle between the two lightweight fighters, the former interim UFC lightweight champion claimed that he constantly called Michael Chandler “dirty motherf*****” because of his poor actions. He also claimed that he did not bite “Iron’s” fingers but rather tried to remove them from his mouth. However, the American MMA fighter did not back down and purposefully let the No. 2 UFC lightweight fighter bite him and make him bleed.

The Diamond later told the media about the whole incident, as everyone was curious. As he stated, “But I had my mouthguard in, so only my bottom teeth could get him. He didn’t even try to pull it out when I bit. In the moment, when I was biting down on his fingers, I kind of stopped biting like, ‘Oh s***, what am I doing?’ Reality hit me.”

“I’m glad I bit him, but it was an instinct. Just be honest. It’s whatever. And I’m sure he didn’t plan on doing it, but in the heat of the moment, you’re fighting for your life, bro. Just like when I bit him. I didn’t plan on biting him.”

Despite having mixed feelings about the incident, the 33-year-old admitted to making mistakes. Michael Chandler, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. He didn’t say anything about the incident. As far as the match goes, The Diamond won the match by a score of 29–7–0 in round 3. 


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